Granton Road Edinburgh - Speed Limit & Traffic Calming

This petition is to get the City Council to:

- Introduce a 20 mph on Granton Road 


- Traffic Calming Measures on critical sections 

Edinburgh  City Council has sent flyers about proposed parking changes in the area. In summary they are consulting the community about introducing parking restrictions. This is a good idea but needs to be alongside the above measures.

Large areas Edinburgh hasve benefitted from 20 mph speed limit, not all our locality has. Notably Granton Road. 


  • The is around 1.2 miles long from Granton Square to Ferry Road.
  • In the main a residential street with a school along with a community hall & sports field.
  • Many senior citizen's reside in the area well as familie with young children.
  • Two bus routes run along most of the road.
  • "Not In Service " buses often run the full length of the road.

The measures this petition demands are already in place in other areas. A successful system widely used in other parts of Edinburgh even on bus routes.


Vehicle users will not be affected on  journey times :  Marginally increased from Granton Square to Ferry Road at a reduced speed take an less than an additional 90 seconds.

Many residents have drives they will benefit from easier access with reduced speeds of oncoming traffic.

Most residents and both the local and wider community will agree the measures demanded benefits us all

  • SAFER, 

At a lower speed limit the likelihood of accidents and severity of any resulting injuries is significantly reduced.The benefits will apply to both the local and wider community. 

Reduced pollution, including noise, will not just benefit residents, but notably the children attending school or nursery and users if the sports fields.


The road is often used almost like a "rat run" by commercial vehicles mainly, but also by many private cars. These measures will help immensely.

Unfortunately, Lothian buses also occasionally speed along the road.  This is especially the case when "Not In Service" vehicles use the road.

Traffic calming measures are needed at two points especially::

  • Between the stretch from Grierson Avenue to beyond the bend after  Lufra Bank to Granton Square.  
  • Near Wardie School, and the Wardie Residents Club, the stretch from Boswall Green to the club .

These must be more than just road markings to be effective.

The City Council must recognise:

These are reasonable actions and as council tax payers elsewhere have benefitted from similar measures this community should too.

Considering and planning Implementation of the measures along with parking changes is critical :

  • Potentially less disruption 
  • Potentially reduced costs 

Let's get this on the council's agenda as part of any change



Sam Batcharj - Community Support EH5 - Granton, Pilton, Wardie, Trinity Updated 2 hours ago.    Contact the author of the petition

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