Free Tamara Lich, political prisoner in Ottawa, Canada


Free Tamara Lich, a major organizer of the Freedom Convoy Movement 2022.

We ask for an investigation. She was arrested on charges of counselling to commit mischief. She was denied bail on the grounds of “severe" offences by the Ontario Court Justice Julie Burgeois three days ago.

Bourgois ruled that “Lich had contributed to economic and social damage of the community and that in case of her release, there was a substantial” chance Lich would commit more alleged crimes, and that her continued detention was necessary to preserve confidence in the justice system.”

Diane Magas, Lich' defence lawyer, says there is "absence of evident proof," preparing a bail review application.

We agree with Magas.

We think that Tamara Lich didn't do any mischief.

First of all, she organized the convoy to give the truckers the opportunity to protest against the vaccine mandate.

Secondly, in doing so she made it possible that the people of Canada could express themselves freely about medical freedom including vaccine mandates and face coverings especially for children. This was vital for her and for all the truckers of whom many still are in prison.

Thirdly, her main concern is the children of Canada and the children of the world. Everybody knows that the future of our children is at stake.

During the last two years the government has never listened to anybody expressing concerns. Every different opinion including the opinions of professionals was put categorically aside. The Canadian people had no possibility to express themselves. People who didn’t want or couldn’t take the vaccines for different reasons including medical reasons, were excluded from society and treated as enemies of the state. We can prove this part with horrible accusations and insults of politicians and the mainstream media (Journal de Québec and Montreal, Richard Martineau, Denise Bombardier, radio Canada to mention just some of them)

At the risk of her life, Tamara Lich had the tremendous courage to fight for democracy putting aside her own life, entirely aware that she would suffer. The last video before her arrest proves her love and purity of heart. She calls for peace and love: She said: Love another, love even those who don't understand you and might treat you badly, mentioning the police and the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Why can't this outstanding woman be heard? We ask you to listen to her wisdom even if this opinion is not the opinion of mainstream science. But science means debate otherwise it is not science.

We appeal to Amnesty International to put pressure on the authorities of Canada to free T L. We also beseech her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth of England and Canada to take authority and free

Tamara Lich. All charges against her should fall because she only did what her conscience told her to do.

This opinion simply was a different one than the one of Trudeau's government. It was for medical freedom.

Finally, in view of the above-mentioned information, we urge you to quickly correct this situation and that you inform us of the outcome of your investigation