Free Joseph Taylor

This man has served 12 years already for a crime which he did not commit. He may not have behaved great as a teenager and made some not so great choices but he did not do this. He was not even present for the robbery let alone anything else.

Police pushed friends of his to testify against him or there would be problems for them.

The actual guy who did commit this crime and murdered an innocent man, plead guilty and then after the trial signed a sworn afadavot to say he had lied about Joseph ever being there or involved. The Courts claim this is not enough evidence for a re-trial, that's crazy the actual convicted criminal tells the truth and that's not enough proof!

There was no evidence to support joseph ever being anywhere near this crime, no DNA, no weapon, no witnesses, nothing.

I have read through every case file, every statement, all legal documents for this case and I truly believe the prosecution needed an escape goat and Sadly used an innocent man Joseph Taylor, who has Family and friends And two sons growing up without a dad.

Joseph is 33 years old and has been incarcerated since he was 21. He has family and friends waiting for him. Please help by signing this petition to at least re open the case and give joseph the fair trial he deserves!