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2014-06-19 00:50

This is a very dear friend of mine. It took two years to get someone for this crime and I feel that they was ready to prosecute anyone. It did not matter who as long as they could close this case.



2014-06-19 22:34

Dear Lisa,
you not even write in your petition what happened. When you look in the Internet - for example www. - you can see how a good web site is made. At least you have to write - as exactly as possible - what happened and why do you think he´s innocent of murder. You got 9 signatures, o.k. but with this petition you don´t get the support you hope for, I fear. And let an English native speaker read the web site first as you have typing mistakes in it. Keep on doing the good work. God smiles on you.



2014-06-20 23:10

I made this petition and I am English I sadly see the mistakes I have made in the profile. the point of this petition is there is no evidence only fear and pressure point on witnesses to frighten people as they needed to close the case that's it all I ask is that a new trial is made so he has a right to put a proper case forward he has lost 10 years already. Laura
Justuce for the innocent falsely accused and wrongly convicted with lies and no evidence


2014-06-24 04:05

I hope the support pours in and blessings too I have a petition as well another innocent man wrongly convicted with lies, misconduct and corruption


#5 Re:

2016-11-29 22:11

#1: -  I consider him a brother.. he was always hard headed but murder isn't in him.. if you read this bro.. I'm praying and pushing this petition for you