Campaign to force the CPS to review decision RE Summer Mai

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2014-03-05 22:25

Let's try and get justic for summer and her family



2014-03-05 22:44

Justice for this little lady



2014-03-05 23:24

Richard knight
Angela Asquith.

#4 another innocent life taken

2014-03-05 23:37

If these people had stolen money, for example robbed a bank they would be locked up for a long time now. It sickens me that a child's precious life can mean so little to some people when she was everything to the ones who loved her. What a sad story this is, imagine how scared that poor angel must have felt. The very people who were meant to protect her let her down and they are free to do what they please. How is this justice. These grandparents are so brave and I hope more people Sign this petition and show them that they are not alone and some of us feel the same as they do. They need all the support they can get so please let's show them that there is still some hope for humanity. God bless little Summer. Xxx



2014-03-06 01:11

Takes 2 mins please sign!!



2014-03-06 01:52

Justice for summer.... Every living person/ animal has a,right to a life. Whats happened,to summer is,murder its,the worse kind of ill treatment ever. No one deserves to die at the hands of others, especially there loved ones. Summer was just a,innocent baby. what did she do to deserve this..... Nothing..... this little girl deserves justice more than most. So come on people and get signing. Lets do something right and put these baby murderers where they belong



2014-03-06 04:26

This baby girl deserves justice. Please investigate this further.


#8 Re: another innocent life taken

2014-03-06 07:58

#4: Angela Asquith. - another innocent life taken

Thank you Angela, that is all we ever think of - how scared must Summer have been in her last few lucid moments!! Whilst you say we are brave, maybe we are, but what we definately are, are just a normal law abiding loving family who need to do as much possible for something to be done. So many many thanks for your words of support please like and share where and whenever possible.





2014-03-06 07:59

Hope they get life for this !!!!! God bless her



2014-03-06 08:28

This is all about justice. We are meant to be a fair and just country, so this has to happen.



2014-03-06 08:47




2014-03-06 09:05

Someone out there is responsible for taking the life of an innocent child her most basic right.I am outraged the killer has not been brought to justice as a tax paying citizen of this alleged democracy we live in I demand you shiny-arses give this poor family the peace of mind (at the very least) of knowing the killer is behind bars!


#13 Re: The above comment was left by myself dave johnson I live in Thornhill I just messed up

2014-03-06 09:13



2014-03-06 09:16

Let's get justice for an innocent child .


2014-03-06 09:21

Justice for Summer .



2014-03-06 12:34

I sincerely hope that you get the justice that you deserve for your beloved granddaughter summer



2014-03-06 14:26

This is a very sad case,we keep getting told to report abuse, but to have to set up a petition to get your voice heard is just ridiculous. Every one should sign this petition and get justice for this beautiful little girl and her grandparents.



2014-03-06 14:35

I could think of nothing worse as this please investigste



2014-03-06 14:36

R.I.P Summer



2014-03-06 15:54

The family need answers, it's the least someone can do is look into the case, something doesn't add up.



2014-03-06 16:00

What kind of system do we have in this country, apparently a leading light for the world and we can't see the injustice on our own doorstep. A child has been robbed of a life as have the grandparents



2014-03-06 20:19

Please fill in only takes 2 minutes to help find justice for a great family and gorgeous little girl! Xx



2014-03-06 20:55

Justice for summer! Xx



2014-03-06 22:02

These people should be brought to justice for the terrible crimes they committed, the grandparents and friends and family should be aloud to be able to move on and live the rest of their lives with some sort of peace.



2014-03-06 22:04