Campaign to force the CPS to review decision RE Summer Mai

Over two years ago today Summer died through no fault of her own. She dies after suffering "blunt force trauma" injuries to her skull. Other than falling from her cot and jumping back in again several times these injuries are as yet unexplained! It's reasonable to say these were more than likely inflicted on Summer by a third party at or around the 12 hours before her death. With Summer at this time were her Mother, and her mothers boyfriend. Up to present no one has ever been charged with Summers murder. The police do not have enough evidence, the CPS chose not to prosecute because they couldn't decide who had inflicted the injuries! The Special Case Review has been gagged and the coroners office are "really busy!" Whilst all this is happening these two people live a normal everyday life carrying on as if it didnt happen, whilst my family and I live a life thinking every single minute about Summer. Everyday we try to find a way to gain justice, imagine how hard it is to sit in a meeting with the police and then again with the CPS for them to tell you they can`t prosecute? It`s as if Summer didn`t exist or matter! Well she did, she was our life, and it`s a painful life without her. It`s a hurt so deep it makes you wretch most days. By writing all this I will probably end up in a good deal of trouble and may lose everything, but you see there lies the reason! I already have lost everything, Summer would be almost four years old now, what would she be doing right now? My wife misses her little legs wrapped around her every minute and if she dreams hard enough she can still feel her cuddles. I dont want sympathy, I want justice, so please like and share with as many people you possibly can in the hope someone, somewhere can help us gain this, someone who can help us launch a Civil case or prosecution, because we cant go on like this anymore. Summer died because she loved her paternal family so much, not because she was naughty or ill or any other reason, and I miss her!

R.I.P Moo Moo x Grandad

We would like the CPS to look at a possible charge of allowing the death of a child in your care towards the two named people within the above statement. Please follow, share and like the following link