Bring back windlesham pram race 2013

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2013-12-17 14:02

Still going to do it either way

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2013-12-17 15:39


#28 Re: Windlesham Boxing Day Pram Race is ON!!

2013-12-17 22:43

For everyone who has signed this petition PLEASE note that the Windlesham Pram race is ON!!!

There was a misunderstanding about some recommendations for the pram race for 2014 but it does NOT affect this years pram race so please carrying on supporting it as normal.



2013-12-18 11:19

Its a tradition we must keep going. Its getting bigger and better each year.


#30 Windlesham Pram Race

2013-12-18 11:35

What on earth is going on ?? It sums our Country at the moment !! on how decisions are made?
This Event brings such great commununity , everyone has fun, local Charities benefit, Local Businesses benefit.
So what EXTERNAL person, who hasn't got a clue what this Event brings, is making such a decision??



2013-12-18 11:36

This great event must go ahead!



2013-12-18 14:06

I was born and raised in Surrey and although I have moved to Canada it would be a shame to let this tradition disappear. I went every year as a child to watch and every year it was fantastic, almost magical. I have been a couple times as an adult and thought it was just as fantastic. If it is not cancelled I would participate next year.



2013-12-18 15:21

Would be such a shame if the pram race doesn't go ahead. It's such a great way to meet up with old friends and help lots of charities. Let's keep old traditions alive!!



2013-12-18 15:34

This will be a great shame to the village of Windlesham if this does not go ahead. A huge loss of business to the local pubs and unnecessary legislation at too late a stage. Volunteers time wasted when they are trying to implement as safe a race as possible.

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2017-01-05 13:41

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 Have you got any pictures of the 1964 race?