Bring back windlesham pram race 2013

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2013-12-16 21:52

You can't take away a communities tradition and not to mention fundraising for charity.



2013-12-16 21:54

It can't be cancelled. Will still be doing a pub fun run whatever. In costume, with beers in pram! I am sure I won't be the only one. It's been going for over forty years and has to keep going.



2013-12-16 21:56

This is awful!!!!



2013-12-16 21:58

Windlesham pram race, is an essential part of the villages economy not only does it provide entertainment on Boxing day but it is quintessential to the economy of the village providing a significant income for the day and benefiting charities too. Taking this long standing tradition away would ruin the memories for hundreds.



2013-12-16 22:04

Vital to the villages economy, yes it has its downfalls but it's positive affects outweigh the negatives hugely!



2013-12-16 22:30

Love the pram race!

#7 Swan Pub Pram Races Blackwater 1970s

2013-12-16 23:17

My dad won two pram races in the day.. I was only about 9 and I remember it so well, it was an inspiration to me. Don't stop pram races..



2013-12-16 23:26

This is an outrage. People have already spent good money on costumes etc for this! and not to mention the charities and local pubs missing out. Shame on you


#9 This is not true

2013-12-16 23:39

Looks like its going ahead as normal :)



2013-12-17 00:35

The only way to spend your Boxing Day!



2013-12-17 01:03

oi nah, bring it back or itll be peak times trust



2013-12-17 01:31

How can you possibly believe that it is acceptable to take away an event that creates such a buzz for the public. It brings in revenue that is essential for the economy of our small village and not to mention raises a very generous amount for charity. It is a Christmas tradition celebrated by thousands each year. We pay taxes so why don't the police give us something back and steward the event themselves if members of the public aren't 'able'. Absolute outrage!



2013-12-17 07:13

It is what everyone looks forward to all year round and its a great way to raise money for charity!



2013-12-17 08:21

Pram Raceee!! Doubt no one will turn up!Continue as normal!



2013-12-17 08:41

My boys have been going to the pram race since they were toddlers it is the hi light of their Christmas and all their friends. It is a travesty to cancel this event!


2013-12-17 08:42

Bloody "They"! Always cancelling events without an explanation...

You're all mugs.



2013-12-17 08:49

Is this Cameron's 'Big Society'? 45 years running for local charities, whole village turning out and supporting race. Fantastic community atmosphere- all ruined because politicians got involved!!!



2013-12-17 09:06

the pram race is a fantastic thing, its christmas it raises money for charity its ahuge social event that gets everyone talking and laughing together. could well be the social highlight of the year for some people. why on earth would anyone cancel such a fantastic tradition and actually what gives them the right?!!!



2013-12-17 09:37

I don't know if you are a wear of this but my grandfather sid cook was the founder of windlesham pram race with paddy Walsh many many years ago over 45 years i have first ever pictures of 1st pram race with only 3 -4 prams of which was the windlesham 1st football team my grandfather and paddy will be turning in the grave PS mr d Davis has been a huge part of the pram race over the years it has and still is a big part of my life and still living in the village it's so so sad regards Samantha harland



2013-12-17 09:46

Im still doing it with or without your permission,

Alex Macpherson



2013-12-17 10:50

You have my full support!



2013-12-17 11:37

It would be a shame for it to stop

#23 #23

2013-12-17 11:46

Not enough marshals therefore police have cancelled - we need more volunteers:



2013-12-17 13:26

This pram should be back on as its one of the very few major events in Windlesham and it brings the community of the village closer!

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2013-12-17 14:00