Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

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2013-11-10 12:21

Just cannot believe tail docking not outlawed! Its barbaric and never necessary (under any circumstances) despite all the excuses being passed around! Why are we will in the Dark Ages in Ireland!



2013-11-10 12:22

Stop this barbaric practice and leave dogs alone natural looking they're beautiful as they are.


2013-11-10 12:29

Just cannot believe this utterly barbaric practice has not been outlawed in Ireland! This is NEVER necessary to do to any animal (in spite of all those ludicrous excuses we hear time and time again)Or is 'money and cute-looking' at the back of this? When will Ireland wake up and come out of the Dark Ages!



2013-11-10 17:37

And ears too!



2013-11-10 17:49

This will be an unnecessary mutilation carried out by a person with no medical experience. It's unethical and beyond barbaric.



2013-11-10 18:19

Stop allowing defenceless innocent puppies to be hurt by.unqualified members of the public.



2013-11-10 18:31

Should not be allowed by anyone, shocked to meet an 8 week old boxer pup during the week with a docked tail, pup bought in Ireland



2013-11-10 18:44

My dog gets recurrent bone infection issues due to being docked: there is no way to sort this permanently, it's weakening her hindlegs each time, and will seriously shorten her life. Why on earth would we continue to allow a procedure which is banned in civilised countries, and which often leads to serious consequences for the dog?



2013-11-10 19:10

Dogs need their full tails in order to communicate best with other dogs and with humans. Don't handicap them!



2013-11-10 19:11

Are you politicans for real! Please don't let this be possible, even a vet isn't allowed to do this! Shocked and very disappointed at your ignorance or stupidity I don't know what, but whatever reason, please stop it.



2013-11-10 19:50




2013-11-10 19:54

such a cruel barbaric thing to do..



2013-11-10 19:56

To allow docking of tails is barbaric in this day and age. It will allow for a cruel and unethical practice to continue. There is no scientific need for any dog/pup to have its tail docked, for other than cosmetic purposes. Please reconsider allowing this to go ahead. There is no need what so ever to allow any cruelty and pain on innocent animals.
Adrienne Curley


2013-11-10 20:19

i am shocked and disgusted that yet again, animal welfare is so far behind most of europe. The govt want to show europe how great we are at everything, but animal welfare is nothing to them. makes me ill.



2013-11-10 20:38

I have worked in a veterinary clinic for 4 years and am currently in college to become a veterinary nurse. I have seen first hand the horrific things that can go wrong when 'DIY' tail docking is done. Including a tiny yorkie found with burns on the end of his infected stump that we reckon had been cauterised with an iron. This should not only be ILLEGAL but should carry some sort of punishment ( that will actually be enforced ) for those sick and stupid people that carry it out. You should be ashamed of yourselves.



2013-11-10 22:08

If dogs were meant to have short or no tails, they would be born that way!!!
I don't care what the Kennel Club says..... leave these defencless puppies alone.



2013-11-10 22:08

Cruel, barbaric and wholly unnecessary. Let their tails wag as nature intended!



2013-11-10 22:10

I don't understand why procedures that veterinarians are not allowed to do would be allowed by the general public who often do not have proper knowledge about how to perform the procedures, proper hygiene, what to do if there is a problem and pain control.   It should be illegal and there should be punishment for people who attempt these procedures on their own.


#19 Actual text of the Act

2013-11-10 22:13

Paragraph 16 of the act explicitly prohibits removing tissue from an animal for cosmetic reasons:

"A person shall not carry out, or cause or permit another
person to carry out, on an animal, an operation or procedure which
involves interference with, or the removal of, the sensitive tissue or
the bone structure of the animal

a) for a purpose other than veterinary treatment, unless the
operation or procedure is carried out in accordance

(i) animal health and welfare regulations, or
(ii) regulations under section 54A (inserted by section 2
of the Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Act 2012)
of the Veterinary Practice Act 2005,
b) for cosmetic reasons, or
c) in a manner that
(i) obliterates or obscures any mark identifying the ani-
mal, or
(ii) renders the identification of the owner of the animal
more difficult."

So this petition is a bit unnecessary.

More info here:



2013-11-10 22:36

Tail Docking is cruel and unnecessary - downright barbaric in fact. I can't believe that there is even a need for a petition - this should have been outlawed years ago!



2013-11-10 22:37

Sick and barbaric and should be banned immeadiatley.



2013-11-10 23:19

My first rescue a jrt had her tail docked when i got her and it was obviously done wrong as she never liked her tail being touched because it was plain to see she was in pain, this barbaric act needs to be banned immediately



2013-11-10 23:26

Just awful



2013-11-10 23:38

Cruel and stupid practice.



2013-11-10 23:40

Please ban this disgusting barbaric treatment of dogs