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2013-11-10 11:01

You never know with those type, hopefully yes, but thy have shelled out a lot of money to buy the place in the first place and the planning application comes from a Doctor who gives his address as Quarry Clough Stalybridge



2013-11-10 12:15

It means they don't care about the petition or what local people think, they will go ahead whatever the local people think



2013-11-10 12:22

Lets hope so !!!


2013-11-10 12:26

No just means they have no regard for anyone else



2013-11-10 14:52

I sure hope so good look, God Bless



2013-11-10 17:10

Let's hope so


2013-11-10 18:49

They will no doubt still get permission because if they refuse they will just cite racism or try tk say we are witholding there right to practise thir religion. We dont get a say in anything anymore. All our goverment care about are the voters



2013-11-10 19:08

Write a comment



2013-11-10 21:31

lets hope so



2013-11-10 22:52

A councilor in Tameside has denied it is a Mosque!



2013-11-10 22:57

Lets hope that this is a good sign. Maybe they feel it is bringing too much publicity. Building a Mosque will only build resentment.



2013-11-11 09:11

I doubt it I think we need to carry on and press your councillor to support us



2013-11-11 09:20

We need to know when it goes to planning what the procedure is ie does it go to a vote or is it just down to practicality of use if it's a vote we need all our councillors there and we need to tell them that they were elected by ourselves to run the council and they must support us in this issue as we supported them in getting them in power


#14 Say 'No' to Stalybridge mosque.

2013-11-11 13:49

Certainly hope so!



2013-11-11 14:00

We should not rest until Tameside Council refuse the construction of the mosque. My gut feeling is that both brothers have corrupted the councillors and they know they have won.



2013-11-11 14:09

The building of mosque shall not happen in my wonderful town. Tameside Council better listen to the majority of people otherwise I strongly recommend that we vote to throw the Labour Councillors and I for once will vote for BNP and I strongly recommend everyone to follow me.



2013-11-11 16:31

who did they arrange the meeting with? how did anyone know there was a meeting?



2013-11-11 20:52

planning application has been refused



2013-11-11 21:43

Let's hope so.

#20 refused

2013-11-11 22:49

Its definately been refused!!!



2013-11-12 00:07

Absolutely excellent news, i don't know who you are but you should be very proud of yourself for starting this petition. THANK YOU!

#22 Council and Mosque

2013-11-12 09:07

Honestly, Doesn't matter what we think, What council are in place or whatever. Their all the same, all they'll do is let them go ahead with the construction no matter what we think or say. Thinking, Talking and making a petition about it is not going to do much, We all need to take action, Protest and fight for this not to go through to the point where they realize that we won't stop until planning/construction is denied. Their are plenty of mosques around which means we are not being racist and not allowing them to practice their religion. Excuses can be used for them to try and stand but where does racism stand when it's to us? Fight with everything we have, Racism is nothing that can be used when its nothing about that. Peace out and stay strong! We will win this one as long as we all are willing to fight for it to be won...

Blessed be )O(



2013-11-12 09:25

Until Tameside Council has flatly refused permission for the mosque, we should not rest. I strongly urge everybody to write to their councilors to ban the mosque


#24 Re:

2013-11-12 10:07

#23: -

Totally agree' don't take our eye off the ball.