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2013-10-26 13:13

Its in the advertiser THIS WEEK.



2013-10-26 13:56

Heep up the good work. !!



2013-10-26 21:05

Tell them to try building one in Japan. Oh no, they won't be infiltrated by Islam! My husband and I don't see why we should be.



2013-10-27 01:58

Something is just not right:

I am very concerned with how the proposal to build a Mosque / Islamic centre on the grounds of the former Pineapple public house, Stalybridge, has so far been handled by Tameside Councils planning department.
What is going on? Is it corrupt? Why don’t normal procedures apply here?

I live next door to this proposed development and find it unbelievable and I am very suspicious, that Tameside council planners have chosen to totally ignore normal planning procedure, by failing to inform the local residents of Stalybridge, about such an impacting development.
Tameside Council are supposed to represent the residents of Stalybridge first and foremost and not the applicant, especially with the impact of a planning proposal such as this.

As I have said I live next door to the proposed development, yet I only learned of the plans to build this so called “Islamic Centre” by word of mouth on Friday 25th October, which I think is inexcusable, my lack of knowledge was as a direct result of Tameside planning, failing miserably to act in the interest of Stalybridge residents.

My father who also lives in Stalybridge, recently applied for planning permission for a driveway, all local residents were promptly informed by letter from the council, notifying them of the proposed driveway and urging them to object should they have reason to do so.

Then each lamp post within 100 yards of the proposed driveway was fixed with a printed notice telling any passers by of the proposed driveway and again how to object should they have reason to do so. This was for a driveway that was unlikely to affect anyone. Then the plans were published in the local press, again directing readers how to object should they feel the need to.

That is the vigorous planning procedure that Tameside Council would normally put in place for any planning application, why then has this “Islamic Centre” been purposely kept low key and kept from the attention of Stalybridge residents?

Something is just not right; with the conduct of Tameside planning department regarding this planning application and it seriously needs questioning.
Someone from the council has to give an answer, as to why this application has been hushed up and has been allowed to drift through, with the hope of it being unopposed.

This application won’t be unopposed though, there is no need whatsoever for an Islamic centre in Stalybridge and why was planning refused previously, to convert the building into a nursery? Surely a nursery was a much more needed facility than an Islamic centre?
Stalybridge does not need or want a Mosque / Islamic centre.

Why is there no input from the elected Stalybridge councillors,
Clair Shorrock, David Sweeton, and Clair Reynolds? What is it they are supposed to do? I would have thought that this was worth at least some of their attention after all who votes them in?
After years of having to look at the eye sore next to the Millpond, Stalybridge residents were pleased that New Charter had finally been allowed to make a move on demolishing the unsightly remains and rebuild accordingly.
This good news was so short lived though, as another eye sore is now planned on the site of the former Pineapple public house.
Please, please sign the relevant petitions and contact Tameside council with your opinions and objections to this ludicrous and unwanted planning proposal.



2013-10-27 20:00

I have lived on Warrington St. for nearly 40 years and have witnessed the massive rise in traffic in my area. It is very difficult and very frightening trying to cross Acres Lane/High St. to get to the town centre and the situation has now reached ridiculously epic proportions. When parents and children are coming in and out of the two schools either side of the Pineapple it is even more horrendous and is an accident waiting to happen. Cars and taxis are constantly coming in and out of the parking area at the back of Wetherspoons, vehicles are delivering goods to the pubs and shops, parents are collecting children in their cars and all trying to get into the flow of passing buses and traffic. Add to this the amount of children and other pedestrians, namely the large congregations who attend several churches in the vicinity, shoppers - especially around the extra busy periods of Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays and local events - people going to work, Cheethams Park, etc. etc, and you have complete and dangerous chaos. In fact one poor lady has already been killed by a wagon not long ago opposite the Pineapple. There are a huge amount of homes and people, very many with cars too, living around the Pineapple, not to mention the amount of elderly people living in flats directly opposite and close by. To allow a Mosque to be built there where many more people would be coming and going up to 5 times a day would create even more havoc and be an even bigger danger to peoples lives. How much more of this chaos does Stalybridge have to take.



2013-10-29 19:17

6 mosques in Tameside already,why need for any more? One tameside councillor has denied its a mosque.Advertiser newspaper said it is .Its in a very congested area,schools,supermarkets,centre of town ,busy road,large housing estate.



2013-10-31 16:01

The applicant has stated it's not just a mosque, therefore it IS a mosque and presumably something else.


2013-11-05 17:29!/photo.php?v=10200324630614402&set=vb.1113414757&type=2&theater

Is this what is going to start to happen in this country? I really hope not



2013-11-10 17:01

I have sent an email to Jason. This planning permission should not be granted .



2013-11-10 17:02

Email sent


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2013-11-11 00:52

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Keep up the good work we dnt need or want this in stalybridge



Lee Munns


2013-11-12 00:41

I agree there is no place for this in a nice quiet town like Stalybridge.

#13 TamesideStan

2016-02-06 13:40

Don't forget that a Mosque does not have to pay Council Tax. In fact if a Muslim allows his home to become a drop in / call in Mosque that house too does not have to pay council tax. How many are doing this? Only TMBC can tell us under the freedom of information act. TMBC. 

TMBC are dependant on the migrant vote to keep them in office. Notice the large number of nationalities now in this Labour area. Whilst in, our quality of life suffers. If you are happy with this invasion, then continue voting Liebour.