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2013-04-14 21:30

we need people to sign to make fife council undestand that we the public are not going to sit back and wait for them to do nothing,x



2013-04-14 22:50

I do not live in Fife , but I love visiting the area, and have done for many years.



2013-04-14 22:59

The glen has given me my brothers and sisters my children and freinds great times it should go on for others freely please look after and sign sign sign



2013-04-15 16:06

The worsening troubles by a minority in The Glen are spoiling such a wonderful area for so many people. Sadly, CCTV seems to be the only answer to save Our Glen. Bring back The Parkie too !!



2013-04-15 16:53




2013-04-15 17:38

I have seen some of these idiots; they need hounding out of the town completely



2013-04-15 18:00

We visit fairly frequently and love the Glen - such a lovely place to visit so such a shame that it risks being ruined!



2013-04-15 18:08

Grew up and lived in Dunfermline most of my paddling pools, no maze, no animal section, no train. NO PRIDE !!


#9 Re:

2013-04-15 18:28

#8: -

its your park its about time the people of dunfermline had there voices heard when it comes to the glen,there is nothing stopping the council from hearing from you the public what yo,u would like to see in it.



2013-04-15 20:16

All of you who come from , who live in and/or love Dunfermline, please sign and share.

#11 Not just vandals!

2013-04-15 20:18

It's not just vandals thats ruining the glen #8 above alludes to that! The "new children's activity park" is in dire need of maintenance and TLC and if you need the toilet? Dunfermline a City .... It's a joke!



2013-04-15 20:20

I walk my two dogs in the glen most days and have had to deal with cut paws on several occasions due to the broken glass. Other evening I am met with groups of underage drunk teenagers, this is not what I expect when trying to have a pleasant walk.


#13 Re:

2013-04-15 20:43

#12: -

going into work at the park at i was met by four drunks still drinking.not a safe place to be eearly in morn.



2013-04-15 21:42

Come on people ..Lets show our support for this and get the Glen a place for families to go to again
Virgil Aunty


2013-04-15 22:51

There is no easy fix for all the problems. CCTV cannot cover all the affected areas, A few strategically placed 'communication' cameras would be a step forward. How many of the petition signers would be interested in organised 'patrols' I wonder?
The problem cant be eradicated but If we want the park clean, safe, and tidier, I reckon we would need a strong streetwise team to implement a plan and maintain it.... The council cant seem to deal with it at the moment.


2013-04-15 22:58

We are from Australia and visit our family who live nearby. We have always visited the Glen when we return. My husband has many memories of this place when younger. It's a lovely place to walk and my kids loved the squirrels roaming around, A special place in the middle of town! You need to keep it that way!!!



2013-04-16 20:43

I have spent so many happy times in this beautiful glen, it holds so many childhood memories, even though I dont live in Fife now the locals have a responsibility to see that this lovely place isnt ruined.



2013-04-17 15:57

Light the park up at nights in the winter. Then we can see what's going on in the park!!



2013-04-17 16:27

I think more is needed to make people feel safer in the Glen, I love going to the glen but now am very wary



2013-04-18 16:51

I am in love with this park, it is like a piece of heaven, we have to take care of it.



2013-04-19 08:31

dog fouling is bad in this park and can we get the lights on in the winter months!!!

#22 Seriously?

2013-04-19 22:39

We're all to demand the Council do something? Surely it's the Carnegie Trusts responsibility?


#23 Re: Seriously?

2013-04-21 08:01

#22: lol - Seriously?

I thought the same!



2013-04-21 08:34

In my opinion it's about the only part of the town worth saving! I've already asked my wife to scatter my ashes there because there's nowhere else I can recall having such amazing days out at EVERY SINGLE STAGE of my life. Last time I took my (3) kids they ALL left with dog poo on their shoes! And that was sticking to the paths!!! Find some pride people!!!



2013-04-21 09:32

Fir Fife Council - lets make sure you use your budgeting wisely and focus on what's important!