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2016-10-19 16:37

i signed this petition because i believe that rowing need weight classes. Jeremie Azou can't beat mahe Drysdale!!



2016-10-19 16:48

Lightweights can't help their size - we want everyone to have the chance to compete at top level!



2016-10-19 17:36

Because I love rowing



2016-10-19 18:13

The lightweight athletes from US Rowing are extremely dedicated to achieve a gold medal for the United States. My grandson has been on the lightweight US National rowing team since 2008. I want the lightweight to be able to participate in ALL the Olympic Games.


2016-10-19 18:53

A chance for those without a genetic advantage. I think it's only fair.



2016-10-19 18:57

It's important to me



2016-10-19 19:01

Because the O'Donovan brothers are lightweights and they exhibit everything good about our sport. Without lightweight events those great athletes would have no chance.


#8 Lightweight Rowing

2016-10-19 19:18

Lightweight rowers are dedicated elite athletes who sacrifice so much. They deserve real Olympic recognition.



2016-10-19 19:54

I agree that lightweight rowing adds to the excitement and spectacle of the Olympics, and feel that rowing as a truly Olympic sport should not be made to sacrifice athletes and events to make room for sports in which the Olympics are not the pinnacle of competition.



2016-10-19 19:58

My son is a lightweight rower. He works tirelessly every day to achieve his goals. Lightweight rowing is just as important as heavyweight rowing. It's an exciting class to watch in the Olympics . Their speed and athleticism is second to none . Save the mighty lighties!!!!!!



2016-10-19 20:15 an ex-lightweight girl Rower!



2016-10-19 20:22

Lightweight rowing is essential to keep the sport attractive for all kindsof people, not only tall and strong athletes but also for smaller and more technical sportsmen and women!



2016-10-19 20:39

L'aviron poids léger a toute sa place aux jeux olympiques, c'est même dans cette catégorie qu'il y a le plus de spectacle!



2016-10-19 21:06

I was lightweight when I row



2016-10-19 21:15

Universality that it brings to traditionally non rowing countries like in the Asia Pacific and African regions
De Coubertin


2016-10-19 21:24

Lightweights rowers deserves it because it's a genetic thing. They put as much work as the orthers and that's what Olympics is about right ?

Please keep this category so that our kids who aren't tall doesn't feel inferior, they deserve to see their efforts recognized too.



2016-10-19 21:51

Not every rower can be a heavyweight - this is a sport for all types of rowers and to see young men and women strive so hard in their sport and not to have the ability to represent their country is soul destroying. My husband and sin are heavyweights but I see so many fit and healthy young people in this sport which is a good thing. Give them a goal. Don't take it away from them. Maybe all other lightweight sports will suffer the same fate.



2016-10-19 21:54

Some of the best races in Olympics



2016-10-19 22:04

I had an enjoyable involvement in the sport of rowing for twenty years, as a younger person, which would not have been possible without the lightweight category.



2016-10-19 22:29

Rowing is an amazing sport which teaches it's competitors about resilience, vulnerability, teamwork and the power of achieving goals. The Olympics provides a global stage to share these learnings with future generations and showcase these attributes as standout features of lightweight rowing, where the field is already so even, it really does comes down to these values/learning to separate the winners from the competitors.



2016-10-19 22:43

Lightweightweight rowing makes it about the technique and the ability to move the boat and of course the toughness of the competitor. We have enough events and sports where it is about finding the biggest and tallest people in the world.



2016-10-19 22:46

David and Goliath - a fight under fair conditions? No. Let them compete under olympic competition rules - in wight classes.



2016-10-19 22:52

Because lightweight rowing is a skill which should be recognised. They have the double challenge of being fit and strong- and on weight!


2016-10-20 01:06

The way the Aussie Men's four was treated was terrible. We need to restore the integrity in lightweight rowing. It is quite disheartening for younger athletes that want to pursue lightweight rowing in the future. It is also really unfair that the only Olympic boat for lightweight women is the double 



2016-10-20 02:30

Because we need to look after our lightweight rowers !