Save Raigmore Maternity Beds

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2011-06-15 02:09

We need as many people as possible, so please sign x



2011-06-15 02:29

I think its disgusting that Raigmore hospital thinks nothing of closing patient beds and cutting back on nursing staff. It should consider getting rid of excess management instead.


2011-06-15 02:50

Please all mums to be sign this petition and get all your friend aboard, if this goes ahead new mums will be discharged from hospital within a few hours of delivering.



2011-06-15 10:01

My Daughter gave birth to my first grandchild one week ago in Raigmore and the midwives were fantastic! It would be a disaster to reduce the beds, there can be no price put on the care and safety of newborns and their mums


2011-06-15 10:55

Please sign this petition to prevent this happening, imagine a first time mum having a baby then being discharged from hospital a few hours later! imagine too if that was a new mum from one of the islands who travelled three hours to hospital had her baby then was discharged 6 hours later then had an nother three hour drive home. The maternity unit at Raigmore is fantastic, the nurses amazing lets not put them under anymore pressure... If NHS cut hospital beds the cut the number of staff as well... Good luck with this petition



2011-06-15 11:40

I had my babies in Raigmore and I live 80 miles away people who live even further than that also go there if they had to travel further lives could be at risk



2011-06-15 12:20

people are always going to have babies. less beds mean more risks. remember that this hospital covers most of the highland region!!


2011-06-15 13:41

On Skye NHS closed six bed in the local hospital of Portree for a trail!! The beds never reopened, dont let this happen to our maternity unit in Raigmore.



2011-06-15 14:57

I was 10 days in Maternity ward, staff was great with me i dont know how i would of coped with out there help



2011-06-15 15:00

You cannot close Ward 9. I stayed in Ward 9 when I had both my 2 and the staff on the ward are amazing.



2011-06-15 15:12

Children in the highlands deserve the best care and start to life possible.



2011-06-15 15:14

I stayed in ward 9 for 4 days, the staff are amazing and are already pushed to the limit, what they need is extra funding not less.



2011-06-15 15:21

You will be putting Mother & baby health at risk.



2011-06-15 15:24

All 3 of our baby were born in this hosp & they were fantastic & it was safer for them to be born in raigmore as mother& child would have been at risk due to poor health



2011-06-15 15:46

I had both my son's at Raigmore which is the main maternity unit for the Highlands and Islands, it provides an invaluable resource to residents of Highland Region.



2011-06-15 15:58

This rural area cannot loose this valuable service. Where would the alternative be for Mums?



2011-06-15 15:59

save these beds



2011-06-15 16:09

this ward is the only one in the area. I had to travel to it 45miles. I can't imagine what will pregnant women have to do if this ward is closed.
signed my and my baby girl Matylda born at Raigmore in September 2010



2011-06-15 16:16

SAVE it! where else is there to go?



2011-06-15 16:16

It's all very well turfing out new mums after 6 hours to fee up beds, but it doesn't work for people in outlying communities where you can't just pop back in for a check. it's a 90 minute drive to Raigmore from where we live and it's the closest maternity ward to us.



2011-06-15 16:20

bloody digrace.



2011-06-15 16:20




2011-06-15 16:24

my daughter needed this unit twice and we were very thankful for their help we must save this unit



2011-06-15 16:41

i went to elgin, as heard bad reviews about raigmore and it was great best part was a got to go home after 6 hours of having my firs born


2011-06-15 17:06

Cant believe they are thinking of closing the maternity ward I had my first baby last year and I had post natal depression and had to stay in the hospital for four days and I didn't have that care that I received I don't think that I would have been able to keep my girl and due to the staff and help I have recovered and my girl is now 1 and with myself and my husband. The ward I was in was constantly busy and they clearly need more beds rather than less. Everyone PLEASE sign this petition to say no to these idiots that have come up with this nonesense