Right to use sign language in educational programmes

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Carol Habig


2010-09-19 06:23

I am severely hearing impaired. I believe anyone and everyone should be allowed, must or want to use all the tools and ability to communicate and that includes sign language.  I was forced to not use my ability to lip read by a supervisor because he thought it was "creepy."  Sign Language is a language like any other language even though it is not using speech.

Gavin Balharrie


2010-09-20 13:56

Coming from a sign language user from childhood even with hearing parents (both signed to me), I dont believe I would be where I am now, if it wasnt for using sign language.

Alasdair Urquhart

#3 The Right To Use Sign Language in Educational Programmes

2010-09-20 14:56

Dear friends...In order for those with hearing difficulties.. to express the fullness of their potential.. there is a real need for Educationalists..to implement  and respect... the needs of all to express themselves in their chosen language...including sign languages..furthering any form of communication which facilitates their quality of expression..

~namaste' Alasdair

nathalie lbouscary


2010-09-20 14:59

sign language in educational programmes

christelle balard

#5 As an evidence

2010-09-20 15:14

The right of using and educate in LS for all deaf child must be an evidence and not an option.


We need all Deaf in the world to improve that.


Human rights doesn't mean to be an illusion, but must be a reality.


#6 manifesto to SURDISM

2010-09-20 15:30



Manifesto of surdism ( writing by Arnaud BALARD in may 2009 )

par Le Surdisme par Arnaud BALARD, vendredi 2 avril 2010, à 02:34
We, Deaf, denied any discrimination created by the single one and oppressive socio-medical vision - called AUDISM -, which is source for us, of prison, depreciation and negation of our identity.
Indeed, if the audists consider that deafness is an infirmity, a suffering to be looked after, a sensory lack to repair, and that it is necessary to act very precociously on this deficience, us, Deaf, let us not perceive like that, and wish to express it highly but proudly.

This proclamation is a vibrating manifest to express once again that we are Deaf, yes, but not disabled people. We don't want to be seing under this single aspect of repair which alienates us mentally and intellectually, summarizing us with a simple stereotype of auditive deficient individual.

To be able to affirm us like “other” but certainly not “less”, we must be opposed to this reducing current of thought. We must mobilize ourselves together to rehabilitate, in its right social, political and public place, deafness.
Deafness is a report, it supposes an exchange between two, and it reveals a not shared communication. It is quite simply only that at the beginning.
Nobody is deaf alone, one is it in relation to the other.
And it is this view of the other which it is urgent to correct.


The surdism is an artistic, philosophical and cultural movement which wants to be carrying militant values against the obscurantism still of topicality which make us prisoners, us Deaf, of judgements, and especially of a destiny, on which we do not have really the right of signs.

The surdism is thus a claim, and a catch of signs in public space, and for this reason, it must thus be clearly written, read, signed and shared to exist.
This is why this proclamation translates obviously this act of emancipation which refutes the point of view dominating and critic who is the audism.
It is a intellectual and artistic movement, “Deaf pi”, which we mean:

- we, surdists, let propose to express ourselves by literature, theater, cinema, painting, sculpture or any other form of expression, by exploring all that touches, of near and by far, with deafness and the Deaf people and their place in social space.

- let us assert our movement like carrier of creativity, of inclusion, complementarity and mutual enrichment.

- we will mobilize ourselves artistically to create a frame of mind of deafhood which wants to be an attitude, being able to be shared by all.
Provided that linguistic specificity is recognized and accepted with right value, and provided that the equality and respect, communication and exchange values are shared.
We thus want that the surdism creates and stimulates a deafhood at the other; that it is a bridge between you and us, a link that each one can cross freely.

- let us defend we and we thus mobilize ourselves by our artistic means, without ambiguities, to make place with this linguistic and sociocultural specificity of the deaf community.

- let us assert we the artistic expression on, of and by the Language of the Signs like a hyphen social, and not like a linguistic and cultural cleavage.

- let us pay we homage to those which defended and carried our potential, to considering and with known of all, in spite of and against barriers, through the Deaf History.
Known or unknown, they carried the faith of the surdism to us, even without naming it explicitly. We must redefine it, to connect to us, and to work to make visible and real our social place.

The surdism wants to be a collective movement international and carrying a positive, constructive, militant and inclusive philosophy, so those which share these values, join us!
Let us denounce the prejudices, stimulate our creativity and call upon a new Community force in the spirit of universality, beyond our national borders.

Fellow-members, express us in the surdism!

The audism disparages,
The surditude accommodates,
The surdism reveals.

Benje Estes


2010-09-20 18:37

Since the Milan, there are still too many deaf people with reading and writing difficulties.

David Cloux


2010-09-20 20:12

Right to use sign langage in educational programmes is very important !!!
Giraud Marie


2010-09-20 20:24

sign language powa in education ^^

ziolkowski christelle


2010-09-20 21:24


Bouton Anne-Laure


2010-09-20 22:49

Good continuation

Warsage Andrée

#12 intégration du langage des signes

2010-09-20 23:29

le langage des signes devrait être intégré dans la grille horaire scolaire comme toutes les langues proposées

Nicholas Lee

#13 My Son

2010-09-20 23:40

He is 8 months old and if people had the option to understood sign then the sky would be the limit for my son aswell. Im hearing and im learning it now and its the most interesting language iv learned

Lucy Upah

#14 Right to use one's language is human rights

2010-09-21 05:24

I wholeheartedly agree to and support the fact that everyone has the right to be taught in their own language. Language constitutes the very being of a people. Therefore denying the deaf the right to learn in their own language, which is sign language is like asking the deaf to stop breathing.

Signing this petition will ensure that governments and policy makers take into account the importance of using sign language in educational programmes in all countries of the world.

This ensures the right to life!



2010-09-21 10:23



#16 Laissez les Sourds devenir ce qu'ils ont envie d'être!

2010-09-21 10:47

C'est une pétition importante que tous les Sourds et les sympathisants entendants doivent absolument signer pour que tous les enfants Sourds aient une vie digne respectueuse de leurs besoins profonds et aussi pour que les systèmes audistes cessent leur folie meurtrière en faisant des sourds des pâles copies d'entendants, des OGM, des morts-vivants coupés du réel!...

Deborah Iyute Oyuu


2010-09-21 12:34

It is a delight that the obstacles from the Milan conference that negatively affected the Deaf people have been removed from the Educational systems. lets promote awareness about the positive outcomes form the ICED conference and sign this petition in order to make education of Deaf people better.

Thamo Kufwkwina

#18 Respect Sin Language!!

2010-09-21 13:27

Respect Linguistic Right to the Deaf minorities to archieve academically!!

Linekela Paul Nanyeni

#19 Its a thorn in the flesh to all Deaf around the world

2010-09-21 13:33

Denying Deaf people the use of Sign Language is a violation of human rights.

The UNCRP call for a reasonable accommodation when it comes to Education for the Deaf, this mean access to Quality education with a good communication means which is Sign Language.

Many Deaf arond the globe are still fighting this to be a priority of their National States, Namibia for example, still appoint teachers who are NOT conversant in Sign language to teach in the school for the deaf, and the HOH learners are used to sign to the others, a very sore experience in its nature... National States should bear blame for this... history will judge them..

Lets unite and do better for the Generation to come..

together we can and nothing about us without us.


Terhi Rissanen

#20 Age!?

2010-09-21 14:25

Hi, great petition, but why age!? You never ask a lady tell her age:(



2010-09-21 14:37

The education of the deaf has continued to be marred by controversies in most of the the developing countries in the world. Deaspite most of the countries acceptance of sign language to be used in schools for the deaf, literacy levels have not improved. This may be  largely due to non-standardization of sign language to be used in education of the deaf in those countries where sign language has been accepted, lack of research in deaf education and lack of special education policies. As we celebrate international deaf week, we call upon our policy makers to come up with clear policies in deaf education, researchers  to focus on research in deaf education and our governments in conjunction with NADs to come up with a clear  standardl sign language to be used in education of the deaf. This will ensure equal access to education for all.

Heather Paradise


2010-09-21 15:05

this is a human right!!!



2010-09-21 15:09


Mervin Garretson

#24 Right to use sign language

2010-09-21 15:34

This petition is long overdue --- we have been pushing for this right to communicate in our own way for years and years


#25 And have more Deaf teachers who can teach with sign language

2010-09-21 15:57

And have more Deaf teachers who can teach with sign language!