Flooding of Maidenbower/Furnace Green bridleway

This petition is to get the message across to Network Rail to take responsibility for engineering a solution to stop the flooding in the bridleway which links Furnace Green to Maidenbower.  This disruption has become more and more frequent over the past 12 months, since Network rail have carried out other work for the railway line and tunnel extension. Even regular down-pour of rain is causing a massive inconvenience to my fellow pupils of Oriel High school, Maidenbower, local dog walkers and other citizens crossing from Furnace Green to Maidenbower and vice versa. This petition is bourne mainly for the pupils and parents of students of Oriel High School, Maidenbower, Crawley, West Sussex, predominantly; because the students are failing to attend school on a regular basis and those who are able to make it to school have to take an alternative route which takes hours of walking resulting in severe lateness. To the parents this is causing delays to their own work and the added anxiety of dropping younger children to other schools on time.