EBay: ban the reselling of consoles at inflated prices

Thousands of people are being denied the opportunity to purchase new generation games consoles, because 'scalpers' are buying them in bulk using bot technology, and selling them on at inflated prices. 

EBay is facilitating this by allowing scalpers to resell Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles on its platform, almost exclusively at prices much higher than the retail cost.

These consoles were launched in November 2020, and millions have been sold. A big percentage of these purchases have been made by scalpers, meaning that for months people have had no choice but to either stump up the cash on EBay or keep waiting and hoping for something to change. 

This petition calls on EBay to bring a stop to this unfair practice by banning the resale of these consoles for more than a 10% markup of the original price. If EBay stops allowing the scalpers to sell them at such a markup on its platform, then the purchase of these consoles by scalpers will become much less attractive. 

Please sign to let EBay know that we won't put up with this unfair practice which is damaging the games industry anymore.

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