Demanding Compensation for Prolonged Lift Outages at The MET

For months, the lift in our building has been out of order, causing significant inconvenience to all tenants. Despite numerous inquiries, we have not been provided with any concrete dates for its repair. As paying residents, we expect access to all facilities included in our rent, including  functioning lift. It is unjust to expect us to pay for a service we cannot utilise. We demand fair compensation for the prolonged inconvenience, equivalent to at least three weeks rent being reimbursed for the months of ongoing lift outages. With over 200 people affected daily, including individuals with disabilities, injuries or health conditions, these outages have exacerbated existing challenges. Our landlords and building managers should take responsibility and acknowledge the hardship endured by tenants at The MET for months, repeatedly through the year, and reimburse us for the difficulty we have experienced, as the issue is still ongoing with no estimate for when this can be resolved.

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