Camping Domaine de Chalain must stay!

Oh Chalain quand tu nous tiens.


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It has come to our attention (through an article in the newspaper and an advertisement from the camping store) that the President of the Department of Jura intends to permanently close Camping Domaine de Chalain.

The intention would be to turn the campsite into a park (??) with no more room to stay overnight.

We "regular visitors" hate the fact that the beautiful Domaine de Chalain has to make way for a plan of one man!

We start a petition because we think that CHALAIN MUST STAY AS IT IS!

We want to ask you to co-sign this petition and spread it as much as possible among your friends and acquaintances? Also people who are not members of this group are more than welcome and necessary.

Camping Domaine de Chalain can also just participate in a better climate, there is so much to improve with more care for the environment (solar or water energy, better waste separation, collecting waste water etc.).

Camping is more environmentally friendly than flying to distant countries, being one with the beautiful nature of the Jura. The camping provides prosperity and employment for the local population and also we support the local entrepreneurs (tourism and stores).

More information and status via the Facebook group: We love Chalain.

Link to Facebook page: 


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