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Who gets behind bars for killing dogs in Berbesti by poisoning ! Yeah Romania ,Romania wild people!

Created: 2022-04-07 Statistics

Reopen Asda Hatfield's back door to be more accessible and connect with local businesses

We are asking Asda Hatfield to reopen their back door, which opens to the rest of Hatfield town centre. It has been closed since the first lockdown which was understandable until Covid-19 restrictions were lifted by the government.  Keeping the back door closed is far less accessible for disabled and less mobile customers. It also discourages Asda customers to shop in the town centre, disconnecting the supermarket from the rest of Hatfield's businesses.  My name is Tim Rowse and I am a Liberal D

Created: 2021-12-28 Statistics

A Park Fit For A Queen

We call on Newbury Town Council to honour the UK's longest reigning monarch, the moderniser of that ancient institution and our first 21st century Queen, whose dedication and devotion to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth while under unprecedented media scrutiny ensured her place in the hearts of so many families in Newbury and beyond. We support the following proposals: 1) Rename Victoria Park as 'Elizabeth the Great Park' 2) Through public subscription, commission a statue for the park

Created: 2022-09-26 Statistics

Stop theft and vandalism of students belongings at Melksham Oak

We, a collective of concerned and frustrated parents and guardians, have become utterly fed up with the lack of action on the part of Melksham Oak Community school regarding the ongoing theft and damage of students' property in the school day. We are exasperated at how hard it is to get hold of the school about thefts and damages and more that we never seem to get a response and certainly no action seems to take to stamp the issues out. We are burdening the costs of replacing items that are brok

Created: 2022-11-16 Statistics

JUSTICE FOR THE 48 that never came home

Please only if you want to sign our petition in support for the Stardust families and the lost of their loved ones and the treatment from this government and passed ones on this disaster 41 years is to long to wait for Justice

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics


Petition for my beloved brother Steven John Brown aged 32 who passed away June 30th 2019 on Goose Meadows Motocross Track in Rugby. The owner of the track at the time is looking at a 5% chance of being held responsible of the death of my brother which would be totally unfair. This would be because the owner had no Marshall’s, no first aid and never told my brother to sign anything prior to being let onto the track, he was only told to pay a fee of £25 and off he went. Also the day after my broth

Created: 2022-11-28 Statistics

Falcons Mead Prevent Entrance Obstruction

To prevent obstruction to Falcons Mead this petition is proposing the introduction of double yellow lines on the right-hand side section of the road as entering Falcons Mead. Cars parking in this section of road obstructs access for larger vehicles including ambulances and fire engines as well as impedes pedestrian access for those with pushchairs and in wheelchairs. Please sign this petition if you support the introduction of double yellow lines on the entrance to Falcons Mead.

Created: 2022-11-10 Statistics

Replacing or Fixing the Pace Clock at OHS Swimming Pool

Pace clocks are used to time swims, time rest intervals, and to keep each swimmer separated from other swimmers in a lane. They are one of the most basic yet useful pieces of equipment for a coach and the competitive swimmer. We have been struggling without one now for 6 months at OHS pool and despite several requests, it still has not been fixed or replaced. Please add your name to let the school know that you miss and need a pace clock!

Created: 2022-11-24 Statistics

Introducing Traffic Calming Measures Trenant Vale

I want to change all our lives for the better by slowing down the traffic on Trenant Vale, increasing the safety & tranquillity for all residents and minimising the possibility of an accident which could change someone’s life for ever. By introducing traffic calming/ speed reduction measures & reducing the speed limit to 10 mph we could effectively reduce the danger to all road users. Please sign this petition to confirm you would like to council to look at reducing the speed of motor ve

Created: 2022-02-04 Statistics

Petition to WI Governor to Pardon Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery

  Brendan Dassey was 16 when he gave an unreliable, uncorroborated and inconsistent set of statements about a crime, details of which were provided to him by those interviewing him. His youth and cognitive and social limitations made him extremely sensitive to suggestibility, making his confession a text book example of a false coerced confession.   Steven Avery, already proven to have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a rape case, had a civil suit of $36 million for his wrongful con

Created: 2018-11-05 Statistics

Update our local park!

Kings College Park Needs You!   The park is very out dated for this day and age of children who play in there. It has seemed to have not been updated in a very very long time! It has just been left and not had any new items in there for a long time. It is such a popular park for all ages through out the day. The area has so much potential and also it seems like it is just designed for the younger generations under the age of 8's. There is more than enough land to make two different aged parks on

Created: 2022-09-12 Statistics

Channel 4 to commission a second series of Drag SOS

I know there are far more important things happening in the world right now, but this show meant a lot to a lot of people and it would be a shame if it didn't make a come back! I would love for Channel 4 to see this, and just get on with it! 

Created: 2019-07-30 Statistics

Change of venue for Harlow MvF

As a group we all want to continue with MvF Harlow but the venue change means lots of us will look to cancel. The John Warner surface is very dangerous due to slipping and it was also very tough on the joints.   

Created: 2023-01-10 Statistics

Reduce the speed limit on West Boulevard from 40mph to 30mph

West Boulevard in Quinton, Birmingham has seen an increase in incidents over the past months. The interactive sign that was recently introduced did not reduce the speeding incidents. The lights keep flashing red as people drive by with speeds well over 40 and sometimes even 50mph. Over the Christmas and New year's period there were two significant incidents with another two happening just hours apart from eachother on 6 and 7 of January which involved the police having to close off the road. If

Created: 2023-01-07 Statistics


On 13th October 2022, the UEFA FOOTBALL application was closed with all the usernames account members. The members lose their investment and I open here this legal petition, for all the victims to sign before submitting the criminal legal file to the FBI, Interpol, and national authorities.  All the victims, please sign the present petition, and put your full name, email address, the total amount invested, and your phone number.   

Created: 2022-10-14 Statistics

Save our Local Pub The Victoria

Help Save our community pub the Victoria  The Victoria Pub has been the heart of the local community for over 50 years!   A decision has been made to close our local pub and sell it as an unlicensed premises... The manager Tony aka "grandad" greets the regulars and locals in a friendly and personable manor...  

Created: 2022-11-03 Statistics

Princes Theatre

  We are a group of people who are seeking to reclaim the old bingo Hall on Russell Street, North Shields and restore it to its original identity of a theatre attracting not just local support but from across the whole of Tyne & Wear coming at a time when councillors have expressed a desire to bring some regeneration to the town. The Princes Theatre has a long and illustrious history and we want to see it back in its former glory and, by doing so bring back life and business back to North Sh

Created: 2022-09-05 Statistics

Bring back the use of lockers for new forest academy

As many of you are aware there are lockers in schools but unfortunately they are not in use because of covid 19. With children mixing regardless and restrictions being lifted all together myself and many others would like to see them in use again for the children's sake. The students are expected to carry around their books, p.e bags and any other essentials needed which can be very heavy to a child of a growing age and we as adults do not even carry this much around daily.  Many schools across

Created: 2022-02-15 Statistics

Justice for Melanie and Beau

   On the evening of September 14, 2022, Melanie, the world-renowned singer, and her son, concert guitarist and musical accompanist Beau Jarred were treated unfairly by Sabine de Veer-Peters, the manager of hotel Bastion in Arnhem. For addressing, the poor cooking of dinner the hotel manager asked them to leave the hotel and called the police. The first two police that came into Melanie’s room expected the seventy-five-year-old singer to leave her room within five minutes. When this failed these

Created: 2022-09-27 Statistics

Indiegogo support regarding Micro Drone 4.0

Indiegogo has started a review of the "Microdrone 4.0" project. We as Backers would like to know the status of this review. Indiegogo indicates that we must request a refund from the Project owner.The project owner indicates that he is still in talks with indigogo and therefore cannot proceed with a refund. Who should we believe? We are now stuck and would like to move on to a good solution. In this, Indiegogo lets us down, and they continue to give the project owner a platform to lie further an

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics