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Save Mecca bingo hornchurch

After enjoying a lovely evening at Mecca bingo hornchurch I came away with disappointing news that they are to close.   I am 30yrs old and have been going here for about a year and have net new people. But its not about me, its for the older generation, people I have met and got chatting to have been going for over 30yrs and they have met new people and made new friends although it is a place of gambling it is also a place of community and a social club for all ages of people. Most of the people

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Save Vine!

Vine is an important community for so many people! It has helped me find so many friends and is honestly an incredible creative outlet. Help keep Vine alive! Sign this petition to give all Viner's out there a shot! Enter your vine name. 

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Halt the closure of a well-used public and community sports hub!

Coatbridge outdoor sports centre - perhaps best known as 'Langloan Gym' - will be closing its doors to the public for the last time this coming November. The facility is well equipped to meet the needs of a varied and broad clientele, featuring an extensive free weights section, numerous cardio and resistance machines, punch bags, a large open plan floor area complete with mats, an eight-lane Olympic standard running track, open field area for various athletics activities and archery, a long jum

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Steve's High Five Petition

Steve has been told by Warrington Borough Council that he can no longer give the children of Appleton High Five's on their way to and from school following on from a complaint that had been made. Steve has supported the local community for the past six years and his high fives bring joy to many children every day! He is a positive role model and a great person in the community, by giving the children a high five is actually encouraging them to come to him to ensure they cross the busy road in th

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Save BBC's Saturday Review!

The BBC has decided to cut its best arts programme, Saturday Review, a brilliant weekly round-up of movies, theatre, arts and books. Guests typically offer open and thoughtful views about what they have seen and heard and it is the highlight of many listeners' weeks, especially for those who cannot get out and see films, plays and exhibitions themselves. You often feel like you are really there and sharing the experience. The loss of the show will have a big impact on a large number of listeners

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Since 1719 the china hall has been a pub on lower road Rotherhithe for the last 30 years Mr and Mrs norris have ran a thriving friendly public house open to all ready to help any one, any one who's been there knows how kind the staff are and how welcoming and warm the pub and regular customers all are please help us save a peice of history and preserve many more happy memories to come 

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Faringdon needs its very own Splash park do you agree with me?

As a resident and child of the town of Faringdon I (Lizzie Pugh age 10) think it's time that we had our very own Splash Park just like Wantage, Witney and Abingdon do! Please help me to show support for this idea so that I can take the evidence of support to our local councils and get myself and the other children of the down splashing!

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Stop the Sale of Playing Fields at Epsom & Ewell High School

Epsom and Ewell High School are proposing to dispose of the south playing field to the South West of Scotts Farm Road between horton stream and Gadesden Road. The proceeds of the sale will fund development of the North field to accommodate 3 all weather football pitches, 2 Tennis Courts and changing facilities. This land has been identified by Epsom and Ewell Borough Council as a preferred Housing Development site for up to 100 homes. There is only one access road to this site if it were develop

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Petition to protect the Pattenmakers Arms in Duffield from a 42% rent increase. We want to keep the current Landlady, Claire Muldoon, and the successful staff team in place. The Pattenmakers is a traditional, community local that means so much to so many. Enterprise Inns are not only asking for a huge rent increase but also charge an exorbitant amount for thier beer, many products costing double compared to untied pubs. Check out these links for more information Duffield Scene, December 2013, pa

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Support Home Schooling

We, the undersigned, support the freedom of parents to home school their children in the United Kingdom. We believe parents are responsible under Almighty God for their children's education, a position we say the Education Act 1996 confirms: Section 7: Duty of parents to secure education of children of compulsory school age.The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education suitable—(a) to his age, ability and aptitude, and(b) to any speci

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