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Egypt to Export 10,000 Donkeys to China and Dogs to South Korea

Egypt to export 10,000 donkeys to China, dogs to South Korea   Egypt will send donkeys to China and is also looking into requests from Korea to export dogs there. Egypt has recently signed a trade deal to export nearly 10,000 donkeys to China, with another agreement likely soon to send dogs to Korea. The General Organization for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt agreed on the deal after requests from many Chinese companies. Dr. Ibrahim Mahroos, the organization’s direct

Created: 2016-12-11 Statistics

Geen parool vir Alison Botha Verkragters(monsters) nie.

Me. Alison Botha is in1994 wreed deur Theuns Kruger en Frans du Toit aangeval.Ügen Vos, Jeanne-Marié Versluis en André DamonsTwee mans wat me. Alison Botha verkrag, byna keelafgesny en vir dood agtergelaat het, kan ná 17 jaar agter tralies dalk binnekortvrygelaat word.Theuns Kruger en Frans du Toit is in Augustus 1995 totlewenslange tronkstraf gevonnis.Ingevolge wetgewing wat in Junie verlede jaar van kraggeword het, mag alle gevangenes wat voor 2004 tot lewenslange tronkstrafgevonnis is en reed

Created: 2012-01-19 Statistics

Astro in Europe

English version:Astro's European fanbases have come together to suggest Astro have a European tour to get the boys closer to thousands of their fans within the continent. Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey are all countries involved in this project who want to ask agencies in Europe (Youngbros, Mymusictaste etc...) and Fantagio Entertainment if they can make this wish come true with this petition.Italian version:La fanbase europea degli astro si è r

Created: 2018-09-25 Statistics

Bring KD back

Hi folks sign this petition to bring Dover back! 5B1 want Miss Dover as their registration teacher again. 5B1 registration are being deprived of a laugh, “hi  folks” and “morning all“. 

Created: 2018-08-16 Statistics

We want Carter’s instagram back

Instagram banned Carter Dane and me and some other fans believe it’s a really weird. Because they’re not giving him a normal reason, and since Instagram has often banned accounts of LGBT+ people we just think it’s unfair. We want his account back. 

Created: 2018-08-09 Statistics

A call to end Swedish support to antisemitic education in UNRWA schools

UNRWA is a UN-agency created to support so called palestinian refugees. It is a strange agency due to the fact the it recognizes the right for palestinians to inherit refugee status. No other refugees in the world can inherit their refugee status. All other refugees in the world are supported by another UN-agency, UNHCR. UNRWA receives millions of Swedish taxpayers money annually. But to what purposes are the money really used? UNRWA is, i. a., running schools. It is well known that such school

Created: 2018-06-28 Statistics

Subscription against the liquidation of Municipal Department of Tourism - Plovdiv and the dismissal of Ms. Videlina Gandeva

Dear Plovdiv, Bulgaria and the rest of the world, This subscribtion aims to activate public opinion and conscience against the unprecedented destruction of the Municipal Department of Tourism, which already has a proven success. With this act, the Municipality of Plovdiv was left without an operational unit to develop tourism in the city and to promote the destination on a world level. Nothing but chaos has been caused by this action and has left the staff unsure, confused and demoralized. Last

Created: 2018-02-04 Statistics

Free Sanitary Pads

This petition is to demonstrate the urgent call for the South African government to prioritize women and girls with regards to allocating National Government Expenditure towards the supply of FREE SANITARY PADS across both rural and urban schools, public toilets, Higher learning institutions as well as corporate working environments nationally.  It has been noted with deep grave concern that women are experiencing career setbacks as well as missed advancement opportunities (at school and outside

Created: 2017-12-23 Statistics

Save Bakewell free Public Toilets

As part of money saving by Derbyshire County Council, the three public toilet facilities in Bakewell and are affected. The council state that they don’t have a DUTY to provide public conveniences. As the centre of them second highest visited National Park in the world, and being a rural town visited by many from afar , this seems very unwise. Coach parties (who bring a deal of economy into our town) will no longer have a loo at their drop off at the agricultural centre. Many visitors are also el

Created: 2018-09-06 Statistics


I would spend more money on the casino/ resaurants / entertainment.If the Las Vegas Hotels stoped with charging Resort fee.It is not about the money, but because it feels like a scam.I want to decide for myself what the money will be spent on.

Created: 2018-08-07 Statistics

Sky UK Didn't Make The Right Decision To Indefinitely Scrap The EPG Music, Please Put It To A Vote To See If It Should Be Brought Back

Dear Sky UK,  As a 33 year-old man with autism, aspergers syndrome & cerebral  palsy, I was rather devastated when on the 1st of January 2018 & after around twenty years the epg (electronic programme guide) background music was finally scrapped for good due to the older standard Sky & Sky+ boxes no longer being updated as the newer Sky+HD & Sky Q boxes are proving much more popular with customers.  I was always a proud & devoted fan of the epg music, always wanted it changed

Created: 2018-08-01 Statistics

Equal rights - feminism

Equal Rights  I think that some and men should have equal rights. Feminism!!!! If you believe in equal rights please please sign this petition to make a difference!!! 

Created: 2018-04-16 Statistics

Vote NO to National Parc Nieuwland!!!

Everyone knows the horror park "De Oostvaardersplassen" and everyone knows what a hell it is for those animals. Starvation, improper shooting, the Staatsbosbeheer does nothing! We as inhabitants of the Netherlands come from different and sometimes distant surroundings to feed these animals while it is not allowed! Nice to see that so many people are joining forces to help these poor little creatures. want to start a new project under a different name called "National New Country" which means ev

Created: 2018-03-24 Statistics


Earlier today Virtual bandmember Murdoc Niccals was last seen, accepting the #BRITAWARDS for best band of 2018 but then was rushed away while what looked like Prision we as Gorillaz Fanz must band together and free him with your help we can set him free!. 

Created: 2018-02-22 Statistics

Hold the adoption agencies and authorities responsible for unethical adoptions

The adoption scandal in Chile has made Swedish media pay attention to the more complex aspects of adoption and finally people are being made aware of the fact that many adoptions were carried through unethically. It ranges from discrepancies in the documents, lack of information and coercion of first parents to down right kidnapping and trafficking.   We demand of the Swedish Government to carry out an extensive and thorough investigation of all adoption that can be suspected to have been carrie

Created: 2018-02-04 Statistics

Petition for annulment of all illegal entries of Serbian Orthodox Church over Montenegrin monasteries and churches and return them to the state of Montenegro

Dear Sisters and Brothers Montenegrins in Montenegro and Diaspora, regardless of religion and political affiliations,   I URGE YOU TO JOIN THE PETITION by signing it and striving to correct a century old injustice and that the religious buildings built by our ancestors finally return to the property of the state of Montenegro. "Independent and internationally recognized Kingdom of Montenegro was occupied and annexed by Serbia in 1918. In the same year Montenegro ceased to exist as an independent

Created: 2018-01-13 Statistics

Ban The Cars Not The Races

Lads we are on the verge of having our sport banned for good.. We can't sit back and do nothing about it. The horses were on the road long long before cars and we all know it's not the horses that needs banning it's the cars that follow the races . I'm looking for a meeting with all the head men of each and every council up and down the country . We will accept a ban or a limit on cars at races but we not gonna accept a ban on what we all love and that's a good race .. I need help and I know ye

Created: 2018-01-04 Statistics

Provide us our goods Gymshark!! #Save25

To those who have used the discount code 'Save25'. I am sure you are all as un-happy as myself. The discount code was publically available, if it was not then it would not have worked. Also there was no mistake in pricing or error, therefore the right to return goods is not covered.Our orders were confirmed and some even sent for delivery, therefore placing Gymshark into a contract with the consumer to provide the goods.  A large company such as gymshark, a few thousand pounds is pocket change,

Created: 2018-01-03 Statistics

Strip Everton of their 1962/63 League Winners Title for cheating

Recently I discovered that Everton used performance enhancing drugs to win the title in 1962/63. I've started a petition to strip them from that title. We need 10,000 signatures for a response from the government. At 100,000 signatures our petition will be considered for a debate in Parliament. With your help we can do this. If you dont believe me, please have a read:

Created: 2017-12-17 Statistics

Free one-day pass to Biennale for pavilion staff - better visitors service!

To Mr. Paolo Baratta, President of the Biennale di Venezia Dear Sir, We represent staff of Biennale di Venezia pavilions, encouraged by past, present and future colleagues, artists, curators, and public to address a matter of ongoing experience. We are asking you kindly to grant each pavilion staff member a free pass for one entry, allowing them to see the contrary location of where they work. Hospitality and visitors experience are among matters of the highest importance, endorsing the hard wo

Created: 2018-11-07 Statistics