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Return Well Road Play Park!

Updated 29.04.2017 below original paragraph! ⚽️⚽️PLEASE KEEP SHARING⚽️⚽️Over the past few weeks myself & Rachel Marie Cormack have been thinking long and hard what to do about TRYING to get a play park reinstalled for the local bairns back behind Well Road in Buckie so we have set up a petition for anyone that agrees there is no where safe to play for our youngsters on this side of Buckie anymore in safe distance of our homes and without having to cross dangerously busy main roads ie: high s

Created: 2017-03-20 Statistics


STOP STROLLER CLOSE DEVELOPMENT – THE FIGHT GOES ON!! THIS AFFECTS ALL RESIDENTS OF OUR QUIET CUL-DE-SAC ESTATE. WE MUST STOP THE OVER-DEVELOPMENT OF OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY. Planning Application: 16/03473/FULD (Previous application 16/02044/FULD) Re: Proposed development of 2 semi-detached houses at the rear of 258 & 260 Benham Hill, Thatcham ACCESSED FROM STROLLER CLOSE. Following on from our previous efforts in the summer to prevent the over development of our quiet cul-de-sac estate and the

Created: 2017-01-19 Statistics

To get shut down

Recently on the 9th of May 2017, a young boy well known in year 10 committed suicide due to the fact people were bullying him online on, it affected many many people and still has and the fact that another app what does the exact same and what can attract nasty people to say horrible life threatening things to anyone and get away it, it's disgusting and disrespectful. I and nobody else who's been effected by the recent suicide our friend did wants that to happen again to anyone. Therefo

Created: 2017-07-19 Statistics

Our children are our future so don’t cut school funding

Horfield CEVC Primary School is set to lose just under £170,000 from its annual per pupil budget by 2018/2019 - that's £463 per pupil. Schools are already stretched to the limit, and we worry that with cuts being imposed on them – despite promises to ringfence the education budget – so many of the extras which enable children to thrive will be lost. These may include trips, community events, mentoring and pastoral care, workshops and 1:1/small group work for those children who need extra help. H

Created: 2017-02-09 Statistics

Keep Bojan at Stoke and give him a chance!

Simply put a travesty that one of the most talented footballers we have had is out on loan when we are totally struggling to create and score.   his overall record at stoke is very good and this petition is to show the support to keep him at our club.

Created: 2017-04-11 Statistics

Changing the law about leaving a cat after it bin hit by a car

My cat was sadly hit and killed by a car today and the person who did it drove off and left him in the road the law says if you hit a dog you can't leave it there you got to take it to the vets so I am setting up this petition to change the law so if you hit a cat you can't leave it in the road because no pet should be left alone dieing on a road think off all the family who pets hasnt came back because it bin hit by a car and just left there so please help me try change this law  please sign an

Created: 2017-03-23 Statistics

Save Ludlow oak tree

Trees are the very essence to our being. They enable us to breath providing clean oxygen for you and me. Stands tall a home for the wild that unfortunately has plans to soon be retired. This isn't just a tree this is a life of more value than all could exceed. Without them we would cease to be. So please tell me why there are plans to cut down this magnificent beauty?! To tell me and all that protest that it is an obstruction of view at best is the most obsurt thing I will choose not to digest.

Created: 2017-01-16 Statistics

Charles Church Ruin

A petition to Plymouth City Council please preserve the Charles Church ruin for all time.

Created: 2017-08-05 Statistics

Take lyrica (Pregabalin) off the market!

Created: 2017-05-28 Statistics


We have a Doctor in Sweden, who has saved a lot of lives, that now has lost his licence. The reason is that he with certain, more difficult cases of tick borne diseases, has prescribed longer and tougher courses of antibiotics, then what is general practice and whats allowed here in Sweden. We need help to organize support for Dr Kenneth Sandström. A doctor's primary mission is to alleviate symptoms and heal disease, which Dr. Sandström did, where other doctors for years failed to make the corr

Created: 2014-11-02 Statistics

West Harrow Controlled Parking Zone

Numerous residents are concerned about traffic issues on our road, in particular with regard to the potential development on the Vaughan road car park, and which have become worse due to the Controlled Parking Zone introduced on Whitmore road. We the undersigned residents urge Harrow Council to consult regarding the introduction of a Control Parking Zone and speed calming measures.    Deadline for submission is Tuesday 17th February 2017 West Harrow Wards Councillors

Created: 2017-01-12 Statistics

End the madness of Desert Ops in SWC

The most recent update to Star Wars Commander on the iOs and Android platforms has, for many, has ruined the game due to the huge percentage buff increases to the armoury. Many people have simply stopped playing as most often any kind of attack is fruitless. Please reverse this update or reduce the percentage buffs to a reasonable level. 

Created: 2017-01-23 Statistics


The purpose of this petition is to dismiss the people that are working in the castration center in Montana city. First of all, they are incompetent and cruel, and second they treat the homeless dogs with violence. Lets us first name the people responsible for this. In the local castration center works Edmond Kirilov, whos superior is EMIL TAFRADJIISKI. TAFRADJIISKI is the manager of the castration center and according to him, he is the only person that can give orders. Edmond Kirilov has worked

Created: 2017-02-24 Statistics

Pеtition against the introduction of a ban and a sanction for feeding homeless dogs and cats.

Pеtition against the introduction of a ban and a sanction for feeding homeless dogs and cats in the territory of the municipality of Smolyan. The draft amendment and supplement to the Regulation on the acquisition, registration, possession, keeping and control of dogs on the territory of Smolyan municipality provides  a ban and sanction for feeding homeless dogs and cats. The proposed amendments are illegal as such prohibitions and sanctions are not provided for in the Animal Protection Act (AP

Created: 2017-07-04 Statistics

Keep lily-Mae and Miley with their mam

this petition is to stop two beautiful little girls being taken away from their mother and possibly split up in a forced adoption

Created: 2017-07-27 Statistics

Country to Country to offer payment plans

we all struggle to pay for festival tickets outright and would like to propose that country to country offer payment plans on early bird tickets 

Created: 2017-03-15 Statistics

flight tunis-manchester,manchester -tunis to come back operating

this is a petition from tunisian and libyian communities seeking for the flight tunisiar tunis-manchester/manchester -tunis to get back operating on the destination mentioned previously

Created: 2017-04-20 Statistics

Refurbish Ringwoods Regal

We the undersigned ask the current owners of the dilapidated site, the New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council to discuss the options available to bring back into use the Regal Cinema Ringwood. To be used by RMDS, Forest Forge and other live performance artists, both theatrical and musical and also for screening film. Being in Ringwood with car parking for over 300 within 100 yards and within the Town centre it is very accessible and would benefit the town, bringing much needed

Created: 2014-10-01 Statistics

Jon Snow must not get the sack.

Channel 4 Star Broadcaster Jon Snow has come under fire recently from Tory politicians who are asking for his resignation. This after he puportedy expressed a private opinion at Glastonbury Festival. We, the people signing this petition, would like to make it perfectly clear to Channel 4 management and all politicians that in the event of Mr Snow being given the sack, sidelined or otherwise punished for an opinion which he may or may not have expressed : We will no longer watch Channel 4, will n

Created: 2017-06-29 Statistics

Support Polish Democracy

We are worried about democracy and censorship in Europe. We support the Polish PiS Government in creating democracy in Poland. Democracy is based on debate and freedom of speech together with transparency in public life and equality of citizens before the law. The Polish media including TVP, TVN, Gazeta Wyborcza and mainstream newspapers for the past many years have been very one sided in favor of PO government and against the PiS opposition. The former PO government purged a large number of f

Created: 2016-01-08 Statistics