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Please sign my petition about this awful cause! I'm a 13 year old girl who recently went on holiday to the beautiful Canary Islands and happened to stumble across a place called "Loro Parque". Loro Parque is a place in Tenerife, Spain that holds several creatures such as Orcas, Sea lions, Penguins, Gorillas, Parrots and loads more animals for the sake of tourism. It is a huge attraction park on the sunny island of Tenerife which happens to attract many Brits.  On my recent trip to Tenerife I was

Created: 2016-08-12

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 207 68
2016 146 53

Stop the indifference and corruption from Romania Hospitals!!!

Dear mums, dads with childrens from Giurgiu, from all over Romania, from Europe, from entire world!!! I initiated this petition online for finding justice for a fair and just investigation, the dismissal of the guilty without the right to practice the profession !!! In memory of our baby Edi we will hold a -PROTEST MEETING! Saturday, 02/04/2016 between the hours of 15: 00-17: 00 blvd. Mihai Viteazu. Unfortunately, our baby became a martyr, maybe it was his mission on earth, which is to stop the

Created: 2016-03-15

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 3043 53
2016 3039 53

Ice skating rink in Turnhout must stay open

After 40 years will the ice skating rink in Turnhout close it doors. For many skaters, supporters en parents this will mean the end of their sport or hobby. The ice skating rink has many clubs: ice hockey club Turnhout Tigers, figure skating club NOT, curlingclub Campina Curling and shorttrackclub TNT. These clubs have over 500 members, many of them are children, who will be left in the cold. Belgium doesn't have that many ice skating rinks, which doesn't make it easy to go elsewhere. Closing th

Created: 2016-02-18

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 3169 53
2016 3169 53

Bring back Hannah to the Fifth Dimension gym

We want Hannah reinstated to the The Fifth Dimension Gym. We all love her classes she is fun, friendly and inspirational. if Hannah isn't reinstated we are prepared to cancel our memberships and follow her wherever she goes next. 

Created: 2016-02-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 53 52
2016 53 52

We at The University of Northampton need an MSA!

Hello everyone,  my name is Jemma Vobe and after the November 2016 student council I have decided to gather evidence that the MSA is needed at the Students Union at The University of Northampton.  Currently there is no one forum, place or social gathering for Mature Students. As the Mature students officer I believe we need an MSA to help mature students integrate in to university, as a way of raising issues and concerns in decision making processes, and to allow mature students a social element

Created: 2016-11-18

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 52 52
2016 51 51

Name the Rugby Champions Cup the Anthony Foley Trophy.

On Sunday 16th October 2016, just hours before Munster Rugby were due to play their opening game against Racimg 92 in this seasons Rugby Champions Cup, Anthony Foley, head  coach of Munster sadly died. At 42 years of age his loss was totally unexpected and deeply tragic. A true Rugby man, a Munsterman and more importantly a family man, his loss has had an impact that words cannot do justice to. He is a man who's values opitimised exactly what Munster are and what Rugby should always be, honest,

Created: 2016-10-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 82 51
2016 82 51

Deadman's Parking

We, the undersigned residents of Greenham, object to the constant line of parked vehicles along Deadman's Lane during the working day. We call upon West Berkshire Council to implement parking restrictions in the form of yellow lines which prohibit parking during the working day.  

Created: 2016-11-26

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 49 49
2016 49 49


كمپين حمایت از اميرحسين مقصودلو و تلاش براي گرفتن مجوز و فعاليت هنري امير در ايران  همه كساني ك امضا ميكنن حتما عضو کانال بشن طرفداراي واقعي بايد تفكيك بشن وما اين امانت رو به امير خواهيم رسوند

Created: 2016-08-24

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 10477 50
2016 10466 49

Grant film director Mohamed Jabaly a work visa

THE NORWEGIAN FILM INDUSTRY NEEDS INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORS LIKE MOHAMED JABALY     We support film director Mohamed Jabaly from Gaza and the producers of AMBULANCE (lead producer John Arvid Berger with executive producers Christine Cynn, Hermann Greuel, and Kristian Mosvold) in asking the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) to grant Mohamed Jabaly a work visa for a job offered by Jabfilm in Tromsø, Norway. UDI and UNE (Norwegian Immigration Tribunal) have twice rejected his application on

Created: 2016-12-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 1125 60
2016 970 48

Give anencephalic babies a chance in life

I'm starting this petition to hopefully help anencephalic babies get the chance in life they deserve my son was born to anencephaly and although he only passed away just after his cord was cut the medical professionals refused to try and help him as he had anencephaly which means his brain and skull hadn't developed correctly so there is no chance of survival although in America several babies have made it to the age of 3 upto now but in America and other places they will do everything to keep t

Created: 2016-11-26

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 69 58
2016 53 48