Cramond Action Group

The Care Concern Group has announced plans to build a 4 storey 74-bed nursing home at 18 Whitehouse Road, complete with a library, rooftop gardens, café, gym, bar, play areas and car parking.

The proposed Development will -

● Alter irrevocably the character and ambience of Cramond Conservation Village

● Impact upon the archaeological heritage - the proposals involve tarmacking over the Roman Well

 Area Damage the habitat for the protected species living on and around the site

● Create traffic safety issues due to increased numbers of cars, delivery lorries, refuse vehicles, medical supply vans, catering vehicles and other traffic all making their way in at Whitehouse Road and out at Cramond Glebe Road

● Create 24/7 light pollution within the area
● Create parking problems in the vicinity of the Nurseries and GP’s Surgery due to the lack of parking on site for the 100-strong staff and visitors

● Impact on residents' parking

With two sites already at planning is there really a need for another?

To help stop this development, please sign our petition and help keep Cramond safe for future generations.