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stop dudley mosque

Please sign this people of dudley and every where else let's stop the new mosque being built in dudley people of dudley don't want this mosque let's put a stop to this but you must sign this to at least have a chance of stopping the mosque being built

Created: 2014-11-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 4835 4779
2015 65 62

Cooperation for the Cultural Anthropology BA Program in Hungary

The Hungarian Cultural Anthropological Association expresses its deep concern about next year’s restriction on offering the cultural anthropology undergraduate program. We are equally concerned about the news releases regarding the possible elimination of the study of cultural anthropology, and with that, undermining the internationally recognized and institutionalized discipline of social science in Hungary.   The study of cultural anthropology has been committed serving society with its resear

Created: 2015-06-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 2418 61
2015 2412 61

Save Esbjerg Ensemble

The management of the municipality of Esbjerg has proposed to cut its funding of Esbjerg Ensemble completely when the present contract expires in December 2017. Without the support of the municipality, the ensemble will also lose its governmental support, and thus with the stroke of a pen nothing will remain but a legend. There are many ensembles in the world, but only one Esbjerg Ensemble. Throughout the last 50 years, we have acted as a role model for Scandinavian ensembles. In january 2018 we

Created: 2015-09-03

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 2992 60
2015 2985 60

Colwick Surgery

Have you been asked to go to Netherfield in order to see your doctor?  Are you concerned that service at the Colwick Vale surgery is being minimised?  If you want to see your doctor at Colwick in a reasonable time, please sign this petition.  This applies to the parish of Colwick, Nottingham.

Created: 2015-01-16

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 60 60
2015 60 60

Cadbury Creme eggs

We the undersigned call on Kraft to return to the old recipe of Cadburys creme egg. We demand that Dairy Milk chocolate is used once again to encase the filling. This has been loved by millions every year. Don't mess with our eggs!

Created: 2015-01-12

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 65 60
2015 64 59

Save Tater The Service Dog.

Save Tater from being euthanized on Saturday. His owner a (16 year old) is threatning Taters life because she says (he was abused by his trainer, is biting people.) Tater is a beautiful, Pure bred, blue nose, Pitbull Terrier, and is also a service dog. Please sign this to help save Tater from such an evil human being.

Created: 2015-09-10

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 2328 58
2015 2325 58

Public plea to suspend the construction of garages, riding stables and garden in area of Bratislava

This is a public plea to suspend the construction of garages, riding stables and garden in area of the Bratislava castle hill To the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Robert Fico Honoured Prime Minister, We are kindly reaching out to you with an urgent call which cannot be postponed. Ground works and archaeological exploration (linked to planned construction of underground garages, riding stables and garden) in the area of Bratislava Castle – on castle hill, revealed rare artefacts with hist

Created: 2015-02-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 3591 58
2015 3587 58

Brendan Rodgers out!

Fellow Reds, We have suffered for long enough under the current manager. The same mistakes are made over and over again. We have 16 points out of the last the last 45 points available. We have scored two goals in two out of the last 21 matches, the rest have been one goal or less per match. We have scored three goals in a match once in 2015, compared to 12 times by Manchester United, 10 times by Crystal Palace and Manchester City, 8 times by Arsenal and Chelsea. I think we can all agree that it'

Created: 2015-09-24

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 265 57
2015 265 57

Protect your country and Europe against immigration

Sign, if you fear the massive immigration into your country and Europe.Sign, if you believe there should be military permission to protect Europe's external and internal borders Sign, if you think we can help more refugees for less money, if we help in the neighboring areas. Sign if you belive that Europe must have an exemption from UN conventions and Shcengen Agreement.    

Created: 2015-08-14

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 969 58
2015 882 56

Bring back Turners fun fair to prudhoe

This is a petition to bring back Turners fun fair back to prudhoe. It has been approximately 5 years since they were last at Eastwood park west wylam and I'm sure that not just myself but many others would like to see them back as they have been part of not just mine but many others child hoods. so please let's get them back, your help is greatly appreciated

Created: 2015-04-17

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 56 56
2015 55 55