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camera for olivia-rose smiths stone

This petition is for a little girls grave as when people pass the stone people are robbing & moving things on her stone which is very upsetting for her parents so iam asking you to help us find the person that is doing this by signing this petition to help her parents find out who the heartless person is... This will help a lot if you sign it thank you very much

Created: 2014-06-22 Statistics

Reality Racism

As part of our Year 11 Citizenship GCSE Coursework we have created this petition in order to raise awareness for racism internationally, but especially in the UK. We believe that anyone can be a victim, or perpetrator, of racism regardless of ethnicity or background. We need your support to help us achieve this task.

Created: 2014-10-04 Statistics

Frank Mclintock deserves a statue

Frank Mclintock is ingrained in the history of The Arsenal. Legendary captain who lifted our first Euro trophy following it up with the double a year later in 1971. This man is Arsenal through & through & deserves a statue to acknowledge his achievements. Let younger fans know who he is & how important he was to our club. Please sign this petition & help make it happen and forward to as many Arsenal fans.

Created: 2014-02-16 Statistics

Where's Wilko?!

This petition is about an ex-BCU student, Matthew Wilkinson (aka Wilko), a former committee member of the rugby team and active member of the students' union. Wilko ran the 2012 infamous Toga Party, supported the union bar and increased interteam unity. He also held the role of rugby social secretary, looked after foreign exchange students and even assisted as a translator when a coach to spain broke down in France. During Welcome Week this year (2013), he attended an event at the student union

Created: 2014-03-19 Statistics

Hutton Community Centre

We the undersigned want to see the HUTTON COMMUNITY CENTRE brought back into use as soon as possible. There is a real need for this in our community that can be used by ALL; individuals, groups, young and old alike. This is an exciting opportunity to re-open a social hub where it is needed.

Created: 2013-12-06 Statistics

Silverburn residents united

This petition is intended for Glasgow city council,silverburn shopping centre,pollok civic realm and pollok health centre in regards parking in residential areas immediatly opposite above mentioned.We as residents of these areas have had our daily business disrupted for long enough by the excessive influx of traffic caused by construction site workers also health centre/civic realm worker.We are petitioning the above mentioned to ban all construction traffic from parking in residential streets a

Created: 2014-05-08 Statistics

Pedestrian bridges over Chertsey Rd. for Twickenham rugby crowds.

Rugby games, pop concerts, perhaps, from 2015, Chelsea football matches - they all attract huge crowds of pedestrians along Whitton Road between Twickenham Stadium and the expanded Twickenham Station. There is congestion for the fans visiting the event. Traffic between London and the M3 is held up for up to an hour. Local people are worst affected by the congestion and the traffic fumes.  Pedestrian bridges over the A316 at either side of the roundabout at the junction with Whitton Road would be

Created: 2014-10-04 Statistics

Keep Cherry Tree Preserves at Borough Market

Cherry Tree Preserves (Westcountry Preserves) have been told to leave Borough Market because one of the ways in which the company grows is to recruit franchise style distributors around the UK. Our borough operation is NOT a franchise but they won't accept that. If you'd like to show your support for us to stay at Borough, please sign our petition as soon as possible.

Created: 2014-01-31 Statistics


Dear Sony Entertainment Network and Insomniac Games   Please re-open the Resistance's servers We want to continue to play Resistance games, so people from all resistance , please sign this petition, and let's try our best, to keep our beloved Resistance 2 online after the closure date 08/04/2014.   We are willing to cooperate to maintain the Resistance's servers online.   Resistance was one of the best selling platform games ever created and sold. Thousand's of people still play Resistance. Hund

Created: 2014-01-10 Statistics

Gabe to be R5 supporting act in European shows

Please sign this petition! The more signatures I get the more chance there is of being there warmup act!! So please take a moment to sign!! It would mean the world!

Created: 2014-01-10 Statistics