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Pledge for Zero Tolerance

I pledge:         To take action to prevent sexual harassment, and support others in doing so too.          To not tolerate, condone or ignore sexual harassment of any kind          To challenge unacceptable sexual advances when possible

Created: 2014-11-17 Statistics


WHEN GENOCIDE BECAME "FAMINE" : IRELAND, 1845 - 1850 This petition seeks your support for a campaign to: * Persuade relevant authors, editors and website content providers to stop using the word ‘Famine’ for what took place in Ireland between 1845 and 1850, and start using terms such as, "The Great Hunger" or 'An tOcras Mór' * To call on the Government of Ireland and its Ministers, and members of all political parties to correctly call it  'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger. It should be signed b

Created: 2014-01-07 Statistics

Opposing development of flats in the Whiteladies Picture House

We, the undersigned, oppose the development of flats in the former Whiteladies Picture House on Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol. We believe that the proposed conversion of the Grade2 listed Whiteladies Picture House into six flats and a three-screen cinema will permanently destroy the architectural heritage of the building. The current owners of the Whiteladies Picture House, a London-based property company called Medinbrand, have lodged a Planning Application (Planning Application Number 14/

Created: 2014-03-21 Statistics

Petition for permission for a Bench in memory of Jack Alexander

For all those people that knew Jack Alexander from Stotfold will know this petition is to get the permission for a bench put down the riverside in Jacks memory.

Created: 2014-07-20 Statistics

UoG: Provide better multi-faith rooms and facilities on campus

The Students’ Union University of Greenwich (SUUG) consider the University’s provision of multi-faith facilities to be inadequate. Students expect the University to provide for their needs, including religion. SUUG believes that appropriate campus-based multi-faith facilities help students of all religions to focus on their education while fulfilling their religious obligations.   Therefore, SUUG calls upon the University of Greenwich to provide appropriate facilities on each campus (including l

Created: 2014-01-23 Statistics

Portas Owino Ongondo right to remain in the UK 2

In May 2014 the petition below received 388 signatures - please help us to relaunch the petition and support the campaign which is currently giving Portas the hope and strength to continue his appeal to stay with his family in the UK... In sending you this petition we,  the undersigned aim to secure the right for Portas Owino Ongondo to remain living and working in the UK.  Portas arrived in the UK in 2006 and his UK residency is currently dependent upon the residency of his wife, with whom his

Created: 2014-08-01 Statistics

Free john the local bird man

Please sign & join me john should not be in prison for feeding the birds

Created: 2014-05-28 Statistics

Save Longridge

Longridge is under seige from developers, sign 'Save Longridge' petition! Landowners and developers are opposing Ribble Valley housing plans because they will make more profit from homes in the Ribble Valley. By signing this petition you are: Objecting to development of Green Belt areas and of outstanding beauty Supporting the Longridge Neighbourhood plan led by the Town Council Supporting the the need to build for the existing population, young, elderly and rental sector Supporting the gradual

Created: 2014-02-23 Statistics

The first minster of Northern Ireland Peter Robinson must resign

Please share and sign this petition to have Peter Robinson removed from power as he no longer works or talks for the people he can't even go to any area without being told he is not wanted so the time is now and the time is right to have him removed.

Created: 2014-01-07 Statistics


Alan young needs to be re-instated for bbc radio Leicester, the fans want him with us along our journey in the top flight of English football

Created: 2014-07-11 Statistics

Wizz Air Petition

We the undersigned, petition Wizz Air Limted to re-consider, reinstating the Luton to Lviv route to Ukraine. This particular route provided a good value and direct route for UK and Ukrainian citizens. with the up grading of Lviv airport providing a bigger runway and new air terminal, we urge Wizz Air to run this valuable service for its customers in the UK and Ukraine.

Created: 2014-03-15 Statistics

North West Kent Lions

EllenorLions Hospices are planning to drop the name 'Lions' from their title. If you agree that the local Lions Club members' past efforts in building the Hospice, working for the benefit of the patients for over thirty years, and continuing to do so, warrant ongoing recognition by keeping 'Lions' in the company name, please register your support here.

Created: 2014-06-25 Statistics

Keep john Quinlan working for the beechwood playscheme

Wirral Borough Council have decided to make cut backs to our local play scheme on the Beechwood, known to many as the Ford Estate, and have made their choice to remove John Quinlan from this centre and place him into another centre on the north end off Birkenhead so a part time worker can take his position. John Quinlan has served in the local community for 27 years as a play scheme worker, and is a well respected member of this community we are all very shocked and upset to hear of this poor

Created: 2014-03-20 Statistics

The Jam - Exhibition at the BME

Started by Jon Abnett on 15th January 2014. Den Davis has been at the forefront of trying to achieve an interactive Exhibition of Jam memorabillia, photographers, workshops and musicians at the BME (British Music Experience) at the O2, London. I've lent a helping hand and ALL profits are going to charity including the Woking Hospice. Den's own private Jam collection (The most comprehensive vinyl and memorabillia collection ever collated) would be displayed along with any items loaned out. Educat

Created: 2014-01-15 Statistics

Canoe Wales Open Access

To the board of Canoe Wales We support Open Access in Wales: You have supported this and must continue to do so. We expect you to represent us on access matters appropriately. We are prepared to support you when you do. We expect you to adhere to your polices on access visibly and act in the interests of paddlesport. We will support you when you do. We all want NWWC to be a success and it will be. We will support you to do this. There is a facility at the Tryweryn: the Tryweryn is not the facil

Created: 2014-02-06 Statistics


This petition was created because we believe that it is ludicrous that in a specialist line up full of Electronic/Dance DJ's, that BBC Radio 1 is getting rid of Punk Rock Show DJ Mike Davies, effectively leaving Radio 1 without a Punk Show, from September 1st Our reasons for wanting the Punk show to stay on BBC Radio 1: The Punk show is the only mainstream radio show that allows DIY/Underground bands to get the exposure they need and deserve. The Punk Show is also the only show where listeners c

Created: 2014-06-09 Statistics

Justice for Baby Elephant, Agam

PETISI keadilan untuk Gajah Agam (Please sign & share) #Justice4Agam  Justice for agam video:   Indonesia version KEPADA YTH 1. PRESIDEN RI, IR. H. JOKO WIDODO 2. MENTERI KEHUTANAN RI, SITI NURBAYA   Agam - bayi gajah Sumatera berusia 2 tahun dinyatakan mati pada 26 Oktober 2014 akibat cedera tulang panggul yang dideritanya sejak pertengahan Mei 2014. Agam adalah gajah yatim piatu yang dirawat di PKG Saree, Aceh Besar. Kare

Created: 2014-11-09 Statistics

Army Rebasing at Larkhill South of The Packway

I want to lobby my MP Claire Perry, the leader of Wiltshire Council Jane Scott, the Defence InfrastructureOrganisation and the World Heritage Organisation. Please listen to the peopleand reconsider the decision NOT TO BUILD SOUTH OF THE PACKWAY. Soldiersand families must come first. Sustainable houses in the right location next tothe shops and welfare services is a must.

Created: 2014-02-28 Statistics

Let Mia Flood go back to school

Mia Flood is a redcar school girl who recently shaved her hair off for teenage cancer sufferers, she sent her hair to the little princesses trust who make wigs for cancer patients going through chemotherapy, unfortunately to our disgust her school Redcar Academy have told her due to her 'extreme hairstyle' she is not allowed to be in school until she buys a wig.

Created: 2014-01-19 Statistics

Hartlepool needs a hospital

Saving hartlepool's hospital for for all of us. There is over 100.000 people in hartlepool and we cannot afford to lose our hospital, knocking down the hospital to build more homes makes no sense. I would be very greatful if you would take the time to sign this petition. It's in all our best interests that we keep the hospital open and re-open A&E, think about all the people that depend on this place. What about all the people who cannot make it out of town for whatever the reason? Do we hav

Created: 2014-05-25 Statistics