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we want our millwall back, sack the ginger cunt now!!

we want lomas sacked now b4 it get's nasty!!!

Created: 2013-12-22 Statistics

Give Zynga Customer Support back to non-VIP players

Fellow Mafia Wars Players. Throughout the time, people have had access to Zynga Customer Support, but those days are over. Well, at least for the ones that don't have VIP. Before VIP came, everyone playing the game had access to the support. When VIP came out, it was slowly taken away from those without it. At first it was only the livechat, but after a little while it was also the option to email them. Now there's no way for those without VIP to get in contact with Zynga Customer Support. What

Created: 2013-12-12 Statistics

Save Langton Hill

We the undersigned object to the erection of residential development for up to 300 dwellings, public open space, play area, landscaping, highways and associated infrastructure works on Langton Hill, Horncastle.

Created: 2013-10-01 Statistics

Aspartame should be banned

Aspatame is a poison that is in over 6000 products, including childrens medicines & baby food. It is mainly in sugar free/diet foods/drinks in much higher amounts. There are known to be 92 symptoms from using aspartame, it is addictive & can cause poisoning in people who use it.There are no warnings on anything that contains this product to say it could cause harm to humans. I have spent many hours researching this poison & I personally believe that it should be banned from all produ

Created: 2013-09-05 Statistics

Stokey Local

StokeyLocal: No to Sainsbury's Supermarket in N16 NOTE: This is the online version of the petition started in Hamdy's News Ltd. and now in 20+ other local businesses.  If you have already signed the paper version, your signature will be added to those collected here. There's no need to sign it in both places. We'd love you to drop into one of the local shops to express your support, but we know Stokey is loved far and wide, and people come here to enjoy the unique atmosphere and local shops. Do

Created: 2011-07-04 Statistics

This is a petition to help Mohamed Sultan of Alford in Lincolnshi

Mohamed moved to England after marrying his wife Susan andgaining a “spouse visa”. Since his time here in England Mo has been one of ourhighly valued members of staff here at Woody’s bar and restaurant, in Woodthorpe,Lincolnshire.  In 2012 Mo successfully passedthe tests immigration set for him, to determine his Visa extension for here in England. Mo has always paid his taxes and hasnever once claimed any form of benefits to assist his income. Mo has nevercaused any issues or had any disseveranc

Created: 2013-10-13 Statistics

CHANGE WE NEED in the Tunisian Embassy in the London "NOW"

Dear Tunisian community in the UK, The service of the Tunisian embassy in the UK is very very bad. So we need :   Website for the Tunisian embassy in the UK. Phone line answered and if not a possibilty to leave a voice mail with an expectation of a call back. Postage service for passports, Consulate cards, B3 , birth certificate ... A member of staff on call 24/7 for emergency calls. The Tunisian in UK

Created: 2013-10-02 Statistics

Allow Mazen Salahaldin to travel

We deplore the fact that the Israeli border guards have twice refused to allow Mazen Salahaldin, Headmaster of Abu Dis Boys’ School and leader of  CADFA Youth visit summer 2013 to cross the border to Jordan and travel to the UK with a group of children on an international exchange. If he was accused of something wrong, he should be charged. But Mazen was given no reason for this refusal to let him travel. He is a headteacher and an appropriate responsible person for leading a group of children o

Created: 2013-06-30 Statistics

Queen's Hospital Parking Charges

We the undersigned, oppose the introduction of parking for disabled patients at the Queen's Hospital in Burton on Trent.  We believe it is wrong to charge Blue badge holders up to £6 to visit the hospital, and we request the Trust reconsiders its decision to implement its proposals.

Created: 2013-04-15 Statistics


The Treseifion playing field and park will closed if we do not do something about it. The park needs your support, add your name to the petition and share the link with other people.

Created: 2013-09-24 Statistics