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Sheffield Wants IKEA

Come on Sheffield City Council, Sheffield-ers want a local IKEA. Stop wasting time (and our petrol) by forcing us out of the city to Leeds/Nottingham. Junction 34 will always remain a problem until the Highways Agency replace Tinsley Viaduct. Stop punishing us

Created: 2013-11-11 Statistics


please provide your support to open a childs indoor soft play centre in penzance, cornwall

Created: 2013-05-29 Statistics

The Right To A Fair Trial

Loads of people who go on holiday abroad or just live in unfortunate parts of the world find themselves in sticky situations, some people get accused for crimes they haven't even done but they dont get the fair trail that they have the right to, instead they get sentenced on the spot and heavily charged. Most people dont care much for this issue but it could happen to anyone; your mom, dad, brothers or sisters, imagine losing your family. Help us to try stop this issue by signing our online peti

Created: 2013-09-18 Statistics


Hi all, It saddens me to say, I have been targeted by my managers and centre coordinators at work. I have tried to keep going for you guys as I believe in your happiness and enjoyment. Sadly due to false accusations and being owed £3500, I have been suspended. This means I am not allowed to be back to work until earliest 23rd August. My heart was with ag for so long, but the constant pressure, attacks, and verbal treatment I got has become hard to handle. All I say is thank you all for a wond

Created: 2013-08-09 Statistics

Highland's to host international product for Culture 2014

The Touring Network has been approached by Creative Scotland, and Glasgow 2014, to host a number of the cultural offerings from Scotland and The Commonwealth that will be performing as part of the Commonwealth Games 2014. This high profile 'cultural journey' will be programmed in the run up to the Games and will be marketed at local residents and the tourists that will be coming to Scotland for the Commonwealth Games 2014. This is a huge opportunity for The Highlands, for performing arts,

Created: 2013-06-24 Statistics

Za Muzeum romské kultury/ For the Museum of Roma Culture

My, níže podepsaní, nesouhlasíme se sloučením Muzea romské kultury (MRK) a Moravského zemského muzea, které je navrženo v rámci Usnesení vlády České republiky ze dne 16. 1. 2013 č. 37 jako součást úsporných opatření v oblasti zjednodušení agend a zrušení duplicit ve státní správě. Muzeum romské kultury hraje nezastupitelnou roli v předávání a uchovávání poznatků, hmotných dokladů a informací o romské historii a kultuře v celosvětovém kontextu, ale je také považováno za nedílnou součást etnoemanc

Created: 2013-04-06 Statistics

Let outside musicians into the studios

This a petition made in an effort to change the terms of conditions for studio use by Production students at Tech Music School. At the moment we are not allowed to record anyone that isn't a student at Tech Music School and this limits and restrics our abilities as young producers. By signing this petition you are showing your support to get this rule removed/changed so that we may record artists from outside the establishment.

Created: 2013-10-16 Statistics


Seyoum Tsehaye is a journalist and prisoner of conscience who worked for democracy and justice. He has been illegaly detained in Eritrea since 2001. By signing this, you hereby demand his freedom. We want to put pressure on the Eritrean Government to immediately release him and all the other prisoners of conscience.

Created: 2013-09-22 Statistics

Syria: Isn't Our War

In 2003 we were misled and fed false intelligence that pushed our nation into a war with a country that was never a danger to us. In 2006, The Lancet Journal published an estimate of 654,965 excess Iraqi deaths related to the war of which 601,027 were caused by violence, leading to the estimate 81,102 of which were innocent children. The population of Iraq in 2003 was 25,175,000. In June 2010, Whitehall released figures estimating the cost of British funding of the Iraq conflict at £9.24bn, and

Created: 2013-08-29 Statistics

Change our sorting office back

Recently Royal Mail have made the ridiculous change to their sorting office. I live about 1 mile away from the Gloucester South depot. If I have a parcel delivered I have to drive 4 and a half miles to Gloucester north depot in Brockworth OR I can pay a charge of £1.50 to have the parcel taken to my local post office. I believe people in Brockwoth are having the same problem but the other way round. I am starting this petition so Royal Mail can see how many people feel the same as me about th

Created: 2013-11-20 Statistics