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To include local bees (Anthophila) in Wildlife (Protected Wildlife Species) Rules 2020.

As we vision to build Singapore into a City in Nature as part of the Green plan in 2030 to align with the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris. We should put focus on protecting the keystone species that have a major impact on our ecosystem! Bees are the keystone species to our ecosystem, their existence has a great effect on all other living things that including mankind. Singapore Wildlife act was amended and with effect from 01 Jun 2020. The purpose of the wildlife act is for th

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We seek ways to assure the continuation of the imperiled Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP)

To Andrea Kalyn, President, NEC: We – the undersigned – have recently heard about the New England Conservatory’s decision to withdraw support from the essential Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP). This decision strikes us as most unfortunate for this moment in time, for your esteemed institution, for Boston and its environs. Indeed, it would bring about a devastating loss for the global and inclusive community of new music makers of all kinds.  SICPP has been the place

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Teachers! Please protect children by opposing the introduction of masks in primary schools.

In an e-newsletter circulated to INTO members on 19/10/21, the top article claimed that "The INTO is calling for..." the upscaling of a number of public-health measures, including: "An urgent review of the age restriction on the use of face coverings" and "The commencement of the school's pilot scheme for antigen testing, recommended in April 2021." We are a group of teachers who believe that the above claim is untrue and that it was made without any meaningful consultation of INTO members who p

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Keep Les Mills Body Combat at Virgin Active

To Matt Harras and the Virgin Active Group,                                                                        London, 01.11.2021       A few days ago, an email was sent to your members informing us that the new inhouse Punch class will be replacing Les Mills™ Body Combat from January 2022. This message was also relayed to us via our instructors, who were unable to satisfy any of our questions or concerns. Any attempts to address the subject with the various club managements have been equall

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to bring sofa in the railyard laundry room back

This petition requests for the return of teh sofa in the laundry room . This expresses dissapointment of the replacement of the sofa with the vending machine . If the sofa doesn'y fit with the vending machine , we request that the vedning machine to be removed . 

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Lets get the uk goverment to plant 5 million trees a year for the next 5 years

With the state of the planet as we have all seen on the media with global warming!! Were asking the uk goverment to set up a taskforce to get people out there planting trees in every part of the uk!! In the year march 2019 the number of trees planted accross the uk went up 13,400 hectares to be precise but most of it was planted in scotland!!! 11,200 hectares,while there was an actual decrease in england!!

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Petition against the development of 27 houses on land North of Y Garnedd

Yr ydym ni sydd a’n henwau isod yn gwrthwynebu cais cynllunio i adeiladu 27 o dai fforddiadwy ar y safle uchod am y rhesymau canlynol, mae’r safle tu allan i ffin ddatblygu Llanfairpwll, byddem yn colli tir glas, mae’n agos i’r A55 , byddai’n arwain at gynnydd annerbyniol mewn trafnidiaeth a sŵn, mae perygl llifogydd, a’r effaith ar ansawdd aer. We the undersigned oppose the planning application to build 27 affordable homes on the above site for the following reasons, the site is outside the dev

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face to face learning for Marriss House Sep20 student nurses

The Chester blend is not working. We have one face to face lesson, once a week for practice simulation. All other modules are online. Many of us are struggling with this way of learning. We also have many proficiencies to be signed off this year. Cannulation, catheterisation and NG tubes. We need to have more skills sessions. One a week is not enough. We as student nurses understand the implications of Covid. We also understand how to stay safe and infection control and prevention. The world is

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NPS Qualifier North

Many Northern riders are feeling disgruntled that the allocation of qualifiers doesn't include the North. We are a very strong area both in quality and quantity and feel we aren't getting the recognition we deserve.The nearest one is still hours away and involves a lot of travelling for ponies which we thought the NPS were trying to avoid. We the undersigned would like to respectfully make this fact known to the powers that be and request that we can be allocated the final show to be confirmed.

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Stop the killing of people and burning of homes in Aghem-Wum, NWR, Cameroon

Ever since the beginning of the armed conflict in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, Wum Town and the indigenous people of AGHEM have been subjects to butchery, burning of traditional palaces and homes, looting, and enforced disappearances from some identifiable Fulani/Hausa individuals in complicity with some government troops and from non-state armed groups. We the people of Aghem say STOP to these grievous violation and abuses. Helpless at the local administration’s incapacity to protect us,

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