Bring Dr DeAnn Bell back to Bangor!

Students of creative writing at  Bangor university are devastated to hear the news that Dr DeAnn Bell has been (in our opinion) unfairly laid off. DeAnn is in many ways a vital organ to the school of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics- especially for literature and creative writing aspect. She has gone far beyond the call of duty for each and every student that has needed her help and assistance. She is the prime example of what a good teacher should be. Not only inspiring us to believe in ourselves and our writing ability but also supporting us in our personal lives at the University. Personally my first year would have been a lot more challenging and far less rewarding without her.

Bangor's strength as a university comes from its superb quality of teaching. The loss of DeAnn is a huge blow to the uni.

Her being laid off comes after years of working overtime, taking in extra students and marking because of staff cuts. She deserves to stay as a member of staff at the university not only because of her loyalty and dedication to her school... but also because many of us students simply do not know what we will do without her.

We want to be able to continue being taught and inspired by DeAnn over our time at Bangor university. This decision is unfair to DeAnn but it is also unfair to us. We want DeAnn back.