Boycott Chinese products !

As we all know the present scenerio of the world, Everyone is suffering from Covid-19. Which results in the sudden fall of the economy of every country. At this crucial time, China which is more over recovered from this epidemic and now need to help other countries to get rid from Covid-19 but instead of helping china is trying to take over the major part of the worlds economy by buying the shares or the whole units at very low cost.

we need to put pressure on China's President Xi Jinping, and the embassy by boycotting Chinese goods! China is a major benefactor in exports. Most countries use an enormous amount of Chinese made products which leads to supply and demand. It's time to stop buying their supplies. It will be hard... but I believe it will slow their economy.  For this you just have to Check labels, see where products are made and boycott it if it is MADE IN CHINA.

Sign this petition, stick to it and help our country to grow.

One person can make a difference!

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