Axe Love Island!

In light of the recent axing of the Jeremy Kyle show we are asking for the axing of ‘love Island’ for similar (arguably worse) offenses.


as a show it exploits contestents by preying on their insecurities and has damaging effects for contestants and viewers alike. Jeremy Kyle show was axed today due to the overdose, possible suicide of former participant. Love Island has now had TWO of it’s former contestants commit suicide. This is proof of it’s shameless, demeaning treatment of it’s participants and lack of aftercare.


This sort of Tv is extremely damaging to the viewers also with it’s emphasis on body image and popularity being the most important thing a person can possess. 

It can also be argued that it promotes bullying within those aspects.

This sort of TV must stop at a time where mental health problems are on the rise and awareness and treatment of it should be priority.

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