Animal owners and caretakers of RSA petition the government to recognise and permit companion animal behavioural therapy, time-sensitive foundation training and remedial training as essential services


While we all wholeheartedly support the measures our government has put in place to contain the spread of COVID19 in SA the impact of the lockdown regulations is causing havoc in our personal lives and the lives of our companion animals. Job losses, reduced income, home schooling and restricted movement to name but a few are causing abnormal levels of stress in many households. As a result our companion animals are also increasingly struggling to cope with the stressful home environments that many of them find themselves in. Existing anxiety related problem behaviours can intensify and new ones can develop. The South African Veterinary Association has stated in a recent press statement “We have noted an increase in animals being placed with animal shelters during the lockdown period for reasons that may include the change in economic or physical circumstance to care for the animal." Recently acquired puppies are missing out on vital and time sensitive socialisation and training which can have a detrimental impact on various skills that they will need as adult dogs.    Animal behaviour therapy and training are not classified as essential services and even though professionals in this field are profoundly willing to assist we are prohibited to ease the strain many owners of companion animals and animal welfare are facing during these difficult times. If you agree that animal behaviour therapy and training should be an essential service please support this petition by signing and sharing.

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