A petition to keep Miss Graham as Year 1’s teacher

As the parents of 1G we are saddened and disappointed to learn that Miss Graham will no longer be teaching the class commencing Jan 2020. Collectively we feel that for such young children who have recently adapted to the acedemic side to school life, it is very unsettling to introduce a new teacher part way through the school year. Many of our children have been very upset and anxious at the news and were told of the change before we as parents were informed. Several of the children were then visibly upset in school and we feel that as parents had we had the prior knowledge we could have prepared our children and this upset and shock could have been avoided or at least minimised. 

Furthermore we find the news to be extremely short notice and does not allow us the time to express our concerns and offer our opinions. We feel that we have not been involved in a decision that directly effects the wellbeing of our children and we do not feel that it is in their best interests to change teachers at such a delicate and transitional stage in their education. 

Miss Graham is a wonderful teacher who has been instrumental in the progress the children have made, growing in their confidence and love of learning. She has gone above and beyond for the class to ensure that students are able to achieve their individual potential.

We emplore you to reconsider the decision to move Miss Graham and to consider utilising the new member of staff to fill the Year 5 post. Miss Graham is in her NQT year and deserves to continue build upon the solid foundations she has laid thus far in Year 1.