Stop The Migrant Channel Crossings

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We all know there is no political will to stop the boats. It's time to make a stand!

2022-07-14 09:10:23


The boats continue. The UK continues to be invaded on a daily basis. Instead of returning these people, we are housing them in hotels at incredible cost to the taxpayer.

Only the UK Independence Party is brave enough to stand-up and fight against the situation we find ourselves in at the hand of our failed politicians.

If you only do one thing today, make sure you join us, support our fight and join a political party which stands up for real people who care about our country. (People not Politics)


The United Kingdom Independence Party

And it continues......

2021-09-24 14:49:07

Its no surprise that the invasion of our border continues whilst the government watches and assists the Illegal Immigrants ashore from their crammed Chinese dingys from France. The daily tally just keeps growing.

We will soon be organising a demo at Dover to which you will all be invited.

Please share this petition with as many friends, family members and like-minded people as you can who believe in this country and want to stop its continued errosion.

The United Kingdom Independence Party

The UK Invasion Continues...

2021-08-16 12:21:52

As we are sure you are aware, the digny invasion continues on a daily basis on our coastline.

Last week we saw the largest amount arrive in one single day. 592 Illegal Immigrants arrived in boats, chaperoned by our very own Border Force and RNLI.

This has to stop! Please share the link to our petition far and wide to friends, family co-workers, anyone you can think of who will help us apply pressure on the government to end this madness.

You can also join our party to help support our fights from within.

Thank you, your support means a huge amount.

The United Kingdom Independence Party

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