1 Did you know Heart disease is the biggest killer of people in the Highlands?

2 Did you know that cardiac rehab very significantly extends the life of heart attack victims?

3 Did you know the highland public raised and donated the colossal million pounds that built the Highland Heartbeat Centre, opened in 2005?

4 Do you know NHS  bureaucrats are now seizing the building from future Highland Heartbeat patients and ousting current specialist staff?

5 If you live in the Highlands  your loved one, your friend, your colleague or you is a future heart patient. 


Thats the simple hi-five of the case for preventing closure of Highland Heartbeat Centre, before adequate consultation or provision for future Cardiac rehab .


In the Highlands our families, our friends and ourselves survive because of the Heartbeat, so we need the Heartbeat to survive. We got the money, we paid for it, we prolonged lives with it, in moral terms we own it. Highland Heartbeat Centre is not just an NHS owned capital assett. 


We All Need The Heartbeat.

Give us back the Heartbeat Centre or give us back the million pounds we gave to build it.

Sign the petition.

Spread the hi-five.

Get actively involved weallneedtheheartbeat@gmail.com


(There are other petitions online hosted related to the campaign to keep the Highland Heartbeat Centre, there has been low take up and its become apparent some people reported technical issues with signing those petitions so thats why this one has been started today on a different hosting site, but please just sign this and all relevant petitions if you can)

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