We Oppose the Persimmon Development on Frenze Hall Lane, Diss.

The Proposed Housing Development to the North of Frenze Hall Lane, Diss. Reference No: 2015/2496

If the development by Persimmon on Frenze Hall Lane goes ahead, by signing this petition I agree with the following points. These points were raised at the recent public meeting:  

  1. The vehicular access to the site chosen by the developer is very poor. It is totally restricted to the east by the height of the railway bridge and in most other directions by the need to go through residential areas and via Victoria Road which is already very congested, particularly at peak times.
  2. The increased heavy traffic flows will cause damage to the road infrastructure throughout Diss and will also cause an increase in carbon emississons which will be detrimental to people's health.
  3. The traffic disruption to Diss will spread further throughout the Town as the main routes become clogged by the extra traffic flows. This will have a detrimental effect by deterring visitors who wish to use the retail outlets in the Town and will also reduce the level of tourism particularly during construction.
  4. The increased population from 142 houses will put more stress on the public services in the Town. The schools, doctors, dentists, health support and emergency services are already running close to capacity without a further increase in the demand.
  5. An independent traffic survey should be commissioned to look at height and weight limits on the small , unsuitable roads leading to the site. This should also include a study of the increased levels of dangerous exhaust gases in the residential areas.
  6. It is totally unacceptable to have one of the access points for the development through an existing residential area.
  7. The social housing should be spread throughout the estate and away from existing properties.
  8. There should be a 10 metre tree/landscaping belt on the western side of the development to shield the existing houses and to attempt to counteract carbon pollution.
  9. South Norfolk Council and Norfolk County Council should make improvements to the existing infrastructure and road network before Persimmon are allowed to start building.


If you agree with our points given here, please sign our petition and help to put pressure on South Norfolk Council and Norfolk County Council to make the right decision!           


If you prefer, write to South Norfolk Council at:  

Mr Christopher Raine

Senior Planning Office

South Norfolk Council

Swan Lane

Long Stratton


NR15 2XE