We demand that N.E.Lincs council provide the residents of the Willows Estate with better park equipment and some fitness/sport facilities for the children and young people on the estate.

The children and young people of the Willows Estate, have no decent play areas or sports facilities. There are currently two dilapidated parks. One is located on a main road and is unsecure. It has a swing frame, but no frames attached, the surface area is uneven, and the rubber safety flooring is not flat, creating a further hazard. The area adjacent to this park has a random wall which is partially broken and a drain in the middle with no cover. There is no grassed area for children to play or run freely.
The second park is also unsecured and some of the equipment is broken or not fit for purpose. There is a small frame for a 5 aside football goal. However, the post is not situated in an area suitable for allowing children to play independently.
There are no facilities for the teenagers on the Willows Estate, this leads to boredom and the inevitable anti-social behaviour.
We as residents of the Willows Estate think our children deserve to be treat equally to those in surrounding areas. We want functioning, secure play areas and appropriate sporting facilities for our children. park_1.jpgpark_2.jpgpark_3.jpgpark_4.jpgpark_5.jpgpark_6.jpgpark_7.jpgpark_10.jpg

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