TO stop the closure of the A & E department of Huddersfield Royal

I would like people of Huddersfield and surrounding areas to sign the petition to stop the closure of the A & E department

I think ,along with many more people who think that it's outragous that the government CAN take this department from the biggest town, is to be closed

How can the government possibly put money and lives in the same category by closing the A&E department at Huddersfield royal Infirmary. This will play Russian roulette with lives and those extra miles that would be travelled to Calderdale will just be doing that.  It begs the question that  if someone was to die due to this closure this would this be a cases of manslaughter and who would be responsible for this?  It allso begs the question yhat if the likes of  Cameron lived in this area and something was to happen to one of his loved ones would this be passed for closure? I think Not! Also, not to mention the strain it would put on Calderdale hospital and the losses of jobs incurred from this and isn't it true we have the best NHS in the world and the government are destroying it to penny pinch.  In the grand scheme of things I honestly don't think that this has been thought through because IF it had, the government would see there is a great need for this department . Don't you think ,government, hat DR's nurses and other health professionals are stretched as it is AND YOU the government want to stretch them even more. It's okay for the likes of high paid positions who can afford to go private it will Not affect them but people who are on the bread line that can't, will clearly suffer. The system is totally wrong and its down to you the government you can speak words but it comes to the actions which are rarely FOR THE working class ANYMORE the government engineers the system to suit themselves all the time and because you the government are the system It works all the time.

I can clearly see that the government has got this wrong YOU the government will close A & E department's but YOU WILL spend Billions on arms and defences

You the government are always saying about our nurses and Drs we don't have enough and other's from different minority's are having to be enrolled. Is it any wonder when you the government treat them the way you do.

Please sign this petition to stop this closure going ahead and stand up to this government and have a voice and be vocal to save Huddersfield royal infirmary also stop the losses of the DR's nurses surgeon's and all the other professionals who will potentially loose their jobs 

And not to forget the monies that they provide for their families yes you the government need to look at the bigger picture and stop lining you're own pockets.

Please strive to help the Drs and nurses who save lives - this is not a game it's real lives these people save.