Support Israels Human Right of Self Defense.


Target: David Cameron Prime Minister of Great Britain

Recently we have seen an upsurge in attacks against Israel in the form of car bombs, rockets attacks & barbaric murders against Israeli citizens by radical bandits.
  • Rocket attacks from sites within Gaza are more frequent & innocent civilians are being killed and maimed as these rockets explode in neighbourhoods, destroying houses & even schools.
  • Schools themselves in Israel are being targeted by Hamas terrorists in bomb attacks & Israelis live in constant fear from further attacks & innocent children are suffering physiologically due to this
  • Israel is surrounded by hostility on every border.
  • Iran has made its intentions clear in wiping Israel off the map
  • Throughout the middle east anti Semitic violence by Hamas terrorists & other radical groups have resulted in the most grotesque murders of women, children and tiny babies.
We call on the British Government to openly support Israel in its fight against aggression & to assist Israel where ever it can in their fight against this evil & as a democratic ally we cannot allow this to continue without backing Israel 100 percent in its fight against terrorism.