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People of Europe! Hungary needs your support in its strife for freedom, cultural integrity, traditional values, and moral worth.

Currently Hungary is the symbol of resistance in Europe. Hungary has demonstrated that they will not lose the freedom they gained from the Soviet Union to a better masked, yet not less oppressive empire. On January 21, 2012, four hundred thousand Hungarians marched in a "Peace Train" to assert their patriotism and support their government and constitution.

The newly constructed Hungarian constitution reflects an awakening of cultural and moral sensibilities, it recognizes the continuum of history above the trashy verbiage of EU treaties and grants citizenship to Hungarians who live in annexed regions. The Constitution expresses Hungarians’ belief in the role of Christianity in preserving nationhood. It declares that marriage is the sacred union of a man and a woman, and it protects human life from the moment of conception. In addition, the government has withdrawn financial support from money-mongering churches.

Mr. Orbán asserts that in spite of the fiscal problems the country inherited from the previous deficit-obsessed New Labor-style government, Hungary will recover, if the bank system helps alleviate the current economic crisis. Thus, he refused to let the IMF implement its austerity measure’s detailed execution.

This is not something a credit-driven version of capitalism wants people to discover. This is why Brussels technocrats, who cherish their independence from the electorate, are annoyed. The unelected bureaucrats of the EU fear that the elected representatives may overrule cronyism among their bonus-entitled classes. They are unaccustomed to governments with a massive democratic mandate telling “the IMF, the EU and Uncle Tom Goldman to get stuffed” and in response, against a freely elected government they use undemocratic coercive pressure, which a few decades ago would have been described as a classic example of neo-colonial pressure.

This is why Hungary is portrayed as civilization’s Public Enemy No. 1. This is why the European Union, the United Nations, the IMF, and the leftist media hysterically attack Orban’s government, which was elected with an overwhelming majority. As far as the EU and the Western media are concerned, the real crime of the Hungarian government is not so much its inept economic strategy as its promotion of cultural and political values that run counter to what is deemed correct in Brussels. The real crime is the fact that a civilized nation with a majority mandated government reclaims its heritage and autonomy. This is the real reason the EU wages its culture war against this nation. This is why Daniel Cohn-Bendit et al. fail to address facts, and bully the Hungarian representatives with their biased opinion.

We ask for the support of all who believe in the traditional values of Europe that the Hungarian Prime Minister fights for in the EU. We ask for your support as we are being attacked in the European Parliament and the leftist media for our moral stance in the face of moral relativism that the EU has forced upon us to destroy all of our European heritage. We need your signatures to ascertain that Europe reclaims its heritage and autonomy as “we all have an eminent need of spiritual and intellectual renewal”.

We, the undersigned, support Hungary in its strife for all-European traditional values against Brussels-directed integration and PC impositions.


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