STORMONT! END the violation of our Human rights NOW! Face masks should NEVER BE MANDATORY!!!

E55574A1-6D70-47E8-A4F4-CC7FF5DDAFB2.jpegThe signatories on this petition are calling for an end to the dictatorship of the Stormont executive and public health officials who are infringing our inalienable human rights as set out in the Human rights act 1998

The Northern Ireland Act 1998 sets out the legislative competence of the Northern Ireland Assembly and states that the
Assembly may not legislate in a manner that conflicts with the European convention on Human rights. The Act places a DUTY on public bodies not to act in contravention of the ECHR. 

The decision to mandate face masks on public transport, in shops and within clinical settings is as we see it; in direct violation of our human rights to bodily integrity under the following articles: 

Article 2 which states that everyones right to life shall be protected by law and no-one shall be deprived of this life. Masks impede the natural way to breathe oxygen and expel harmful pathogens effectively. Prolonged use of face masks has been shown to be harmful to health in numerous scientific studies and an overwhelming opinion within the scientific and medical communities is that the use of face masks in the wider community isn’t justified and increases infection risks to the wearer. Many Doctors worldwide are speaking out about the health risks posed. Face masks offer a false sense of security to the wearer and causes psychological distress for many. Many healthy people report feeling physically uncomfortable while wearing the masks and feeling that their breathing is restricted. There are also reports of people admitted to hospital due to illness in the UK caused by mask wearing. Face mask mandates in Shops and on public transport (both of which people use on a day to day basis), ensures prolonged use and therefore increases health risks to the wearer. It is a danger to peoples lives. The government and public health officials who wanted mandatory face coverings must be held liable in a court of law, for any person who suffers ill health (physical or mental), from mask enforcements in shops, on public transport and within clinical settings! 

Article 3 states No-one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Forcing members of the general public to wear masks against their will is inhumane, degrading and amounts to psychological and physical torture for many. Telling people they cannot avail of public transport or enter a shop to buy basic necessities unless they're wearing a mask, is degrading and demeaning to say the least. This is already happening with mandatory mask wearing in shops and public transport and hospitals. People are being subjected to unfair, degrading treatment. Some even being refused entry to Shops despite being exempt. The governments virtue signalling campaigns on masks encourages this degrading treatment. 

Article 9 everyone has a right to freedom of thought and given that there is NO PROVEN scientific basis that masks prevent the spread of viral infections, a person should be able to express their freedom of thought in choosing if they think it’s the right decision for them to wear a face mask. 

Article 10 of the human rights act also states that everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. Mandatory face masks means the government is taking away our freedom of expression. People have a right to hold and express their opinions over their own bodily integrity if they do not wish to cover their faces.

Article 14 of the act states - The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in this Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status. The government is violating the enjoyment of our freedoms of choice on what we put on to our own bodies. Face masks are dehuminising and covering the face takes away from the basic right to individual identity as a human being.

People also have a right to their freedom of choice in matters of public debate. Non-medical Mask wearing is a matter of public debate. IT'S NOT SUPPORTED BY THE MAJORITY OF MAJOR MEDICAL JOURNALS AND STUDIES DUE TO HEALTH RISKS AND WHERE THERE ARE HEALTH RISKS, THERE SHOULD BE CHOICE! They should NOT therefore be mandated by government; and doing so is an infringement on our basic human rights and civil liberties. People should be allowed to choose to follow the advice of those within the medical profession and scientific community( OF WHICH, THERE ARE MANY) who advise against face mask use and without having to face penalties or discrimination for doing so! 

We are supposed to be living in a democratic society in Northern Ireland but the governments response to the COVID-19 virus (which data shows has a survival rate of over 99 percent in the majority of the population), has shown us that the Stormont assembly has overstepped its power. Enough is enough! We wont be muzzled like animals! The mortality rate is continuing to decline and the survival rates are extremely high! There are more people testing negative than there are positive even with the increased testing which officials fail to mention when using fear propaganda to gain more control of people's basic freedoms. The executive has changed its focus to counting cases but fail to tell the public that positive cases do not equal hospital admissions and that of those affected with Covid it is a mild illness in 99 percent of those cases. The real figures and data do not justify the fascist measures our government is putting in place. 

The same public health officials endorsing mandatory masks just weeks ago and during the "peak" of the "pandemic", repeatedly told us that the public don't need to be wearing face masks as did the Stormont executive! It makes no sense to mandate masks 5 months into a "pandemic". Mr Swann himself said and I quote "One thing that would concern us is that face coverings actually lead to a false sense of security and we could see other measures with regards to good hand hygiene, social distancing start to become less prevalent." There is still no conclusive scientific evidence to support a change in opinion. Their opinions must not override individual choice on such a controversial matter. Professor Carl Heneghan,director for the centre of evidence based medicine at Oxford University stated that any mask policy's put in place cannot be said to be evidence based and can increase infection risks. He also said that the Virus is less deadly than first thought and people should get on with their lives.

The problem with mask mandates is the executive are making people submit to a measure that could ultimately make individuals or entire populations sicker, according to world-leading public health officials.

Investigations in England revealed that COVID-19 deaths were fraudulently reported by public health agencies, proving that the mortality rate is much lower than we're told. More than five thousand deaths were removed from the official Covid count. Hospital Covid admissions were over reported to further inflate the numbers during the so called "peak" of the Virus. The criteria for Covid reported deaths in this Country is also very broad and open to manipulation. There are serious concerns worldwide about the covid testing reliability and serious concerns about the decision to declare COVID-19 a global pandemic. There are also grave concerns about the powers the UK government has given themselves under the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the trampling on human rights under the Act, under the guise of a public health crisis. This Act should be repealed immediately! It has become clear that the government has an agenda which has nothing to do with the health and safety of the public but about controlling the free will and movement of its citizens. The Covid-19 official data cannot be trusted as admitted by UK government officials. 

Communist countries such as China where face mask wearing has been common practice for years before the Covid-19 outbreak: are proof that face masks do nothing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus! Otherwise there would have never been lockdowns. The government has caused more harm and suffering to both its citizens and the economy with it’s response to the coronavirus over the last 5 months than the coronavirus itself has. COVID-19 cases declined at the same rate in countries whose governments didn’t impose such extreme measures on its citizens. Swedens approach has proven more effective at controlling the Virus and they have a lower covid death toll than Britain. The epidemiologist in charge of Sweden’s coronavirus response has dismissed the scientific evidence for mask-wearing as “astonishingly weak” and suggested that making face coverings mandatory could backfire. 

The people of Northern Ireland have been complacent for long enough despite the failed doom and gloom predictions of public health officials and mainstream media. We are calling on the Stormont executive and public health officials to STOP INFRINGING ON OUR INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS and to give people a CHOICE on mask wearing. Enforced Mask wearing is symbolic of SLAVERY and has NO PLACE IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY! Where will this dictatorship end? Next, we'll be told we cannot enter Shops or travel without having had a Covid vaccine against our will. 

People who don't wear a face mask should not be shamed on media by public health officials/politicians saying that it shows “respect” and "care"for others when you wear a mask. A statement like that is indirect discrimination against those with physical and mental disabilities who cannot wear a mask. It has incited bullying and abuse of individuals and it is a disgraceful tactic for any health official or politician to demonise people not wearing masks. They fail to recognise those who cannot wear masks in their virtue signalling campaigns. The executive should not be endorsing this discriminatory mindset but should actively be discouraging it! "Wear one for everyone" is not Science, it is a manipulation tactic which is resulting in the isolation and marginalisation of the mask exempt. 

What about those who rely on lip reading to communicate? What about the psychological health of victims of abuse and the impact on Childrens psychological health? Can the executive provide any unbiased, solid scientific evidence to the public proving that non medical mask wearing in the community prevents the spread of Coronavirus or any other Virus? Are we to believe the 15 years of Science reviews for planning in pandemic control which says there's no conclusive evidence to support it, has suddenly changed and where is the proof of such a drastic change? The public deserve to see such proof! Under the freedom of information act we demand to see the "compelling evidence" the executive and Mr Swann claim to be privy to!!!! Or are we to just "mask up" and shut up?!! 

"The question we must ask ourselves is this: If our government can mandate such a personal and disruptive lifestyle change to our bodies with assertions that contradict their own long-standing evidence from just a few weeks ago and with so many unanswered questions, what else can they do to us without presenting evidence to the public? It appears that "my body, my choice" only applies when killing babies. We deserve answers! We are citizens, not subjects! Just because this Virus came from China doesn't mean the politicians can use it as a pretext to turn us into China." The "new normal" is not acceptable or justified when looking at the real data and taking into account that most positive cases are mild or no symptoms, yet the executive continues to violate our human rights and instil more fear to the public in their attempts to gain more power and justify completely unnecessary draconian measures. 

LOCAL BUSINESSES WILL ALSO SUFFER as many people are opting to shop online rather than be subjected to judgement and abuse from members of the public or retail staff while they shop. Shoplifters will also be harder to identify and apprehend. Crime rates will likely soar. 

This is a call to the Stormont executive to DISREGARD the EXTREME RECOMMENDATIONS of Mr Swann and STOP face mask mandates in Northern Ireland. LET PEOPLE CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!! DON'T IMPOSE the opinions of health officials on to the public! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Be guided by the Science, as has been your claimed position throughout and the Science still says that face masks in the healthy does not prevent the spread of infection! 




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