Stop animal testing

We are against animal testing.

For those who don't understand the meaning of this horrible act, imagine living your entire life in a cell no bigger than a small walk-in closet. Growing tumours bigger than your body. Not choosing what you eat. When you eat. What you do. Whether or not to have a partner or children (if you even get to that point in life). How you will spend your time. Or not even having a chance to say your very first words, because your vocal cords would be cut so you can’t communicate. This is what we do to harmless animals, this just gets worse and we do nothing.

However there are easy ways to prevent the torturous activity occurring around the world,

Such as simply buying products that have the words "Not tested on animals" and "Vegan". You can also help by educating others, signing this petition, making a donation or even donating your body to science. These small acts will save millions of animals and you will soon discover that products which aren't tested on animals still work just as efficiently for your purposes. 

So please, save the animals...   Animal_testing_logo1.PNG

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