Stop the current deportation process facing Mr. Yves Bitanga

Mr. Yves Bitanga, a Burundian Citizen, is currently facing an eventual deportation back to Burundi by the Canada Border Service Agency. His two refugee claims have been rejected, the last one under the assumption that Burundi is no longer a country plagued by war.

His application for residency under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds was rejected as well, on the basis that his integration in the Canadian Community and his involvement in several non for profit organizations in Canada are nothing out of the ordinary, and are to be expected from an immigrant.

We, Members of the Regroupement Multiculturel Francophone de London (French Multicultural Association of London), strongly disagree with this outcome.

1) Despite some noticeable progress, Burundi is far from being a peaceful country. We can prove this and the last Human Rights Watch country report on Burundi is self-explanatory.

2) Yves Bitanga is a committed, hard working professional and law abiding individual,
who is heartedly contributing to the social and economic progress of the Community of London. For the last several years now, he has been working almost uninterruptedly. During the times he was not working, he had not taken advantage of any social assistance programs or un-employment benefits. He has also paid his taxes every year;

3) He doesn’t hold a criminal record, nor has he ever been prosecuted or fined;

4) He is an active member of the community, involved in several local community organizations; deporting him would also jeopardise other Burundians seeking for asylum in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

Please sign this petition to make the Government of Canada, MPPs and MPs hear clear and loud that this threat is short of Canadian values, and as such, is unjustifiable.

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