Stop Lewisham Council taking away the rights of adults with learning disabilities.

Lewisham Council are forcing adults with learning disabilities to accept detrimental changes to their care package without any consultation. The Council will be leaving vulnerable people with no care or supervision for over 2 hours a day and forcing them to spend over 3 hours on council buses for journeys that will only take 30 minutes.

This will affect working parents who may need to give up their jobs to make sure that their adult children are cared for.

This will also affect the adults themselves who will have to cope with changes to their routine (which can be really hard for adults with learning disabilities). They will also miss out on vital social activities with friends and in some cases won't get home until after the family dinner time.

We are calling on Lewisham Council to keep their care packages to the current hours so that parents can remain in work and the adults themselves can continue with the care that they have a right to receive. By law, the Council must give adults and their carers choice about their care and not enforce things on them.

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