South African Government-declare Corrective Rape A Hate Crime!

As we start this first day of "16 Days of Activism", the founder and warrior-woman of Lulekisizwe, Ndumie Funda, is in hiding and fearing for her life, which has been threatened by Andile Ngcoza, the man who raped Millicent Gaika! He was arrested last week for breaking his conditions of bail, and was yet again released!

WHAT is the SA Government doing about this? are targeted and terrorised in townships across the country. Some young men believe lesbians should be raped to correct their homosexuality. Others beat and kick them, accusing them of “stealing their girlfriends”. 3rd Degree told the harrowing stories of several women on the east rand, whose lives have been ripped apart by intolerant and violent thugs.

But it’s not only township youths who perpetuate this violence. 3rd Degree also revealed how some members of the SAPS are complicit in the hatred and intolerance. Homophobia is rampant and many men are vocal about their hate for lesbians. One man told us, “These gay things should be killed.”Lesbian women are being assualted, raped and murdered daily in South Africa and then have to face the perpetrators daily in the areas where they live. The South African Judicial system is letting these victims down by taking years to complete the court-cases, and in the meantime these women have to face their rapists daily and endure many insults and threats to their lives whilst their rapists walk free in the same areas they live.

Recently the rapist of Millicent Gaika was arrested for breaking his conditions of bail, but is once again free to roam the streets and has been following and threatening the life of Ndumie Funda, the founder of Luleki Sizwe, an NGO who assists the rape victims with money, care, counseling, and support through the court-cases.

We petition the Minister of Justice, Minister  JT Radebe, to look into this matter urgently and declare "corrective-rape" a hate-crime and to institute stricter bail-conditions for alleged perpetrators and offer some form of protection to the victims and those that are assisting them!

We petition the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, to urgently have this vile crime investigated and to instruct the relevant departments to deal harshly with this crime and its perpetrators.

We petition the Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Ms L Xingwana, to bring this crime into the light and to advocate on our behalf!

We petition the Minister of Police,  Mr N Mthethwa, to look into how the SAP treat these cases.

We petition the Minister of Health,Dr PA Motsoaledi, to get involved on our behalf as to the physical and psychological damage done to these women!

We petition the Premier of the Western Cape,  Ms H Zille, to take up our battle-cry and help our women!

We petition the Social Development MEC, Ms Patricia de Lille, to get involved!


Hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation are not recognised by South African law!

In the last 10 years:

 31 lesbian women have been murdered because of their sexuality
 More than 10 lesbians a week are raped or gang raped in Cape Town alone
 150 women are raped every day in South Africa
 For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free


How Many Lesbians have to die before Hate is a Crime?