Stop Ark Alexandra from splitting

We have been forced to put up with our new heads and their ridiculous rules for too long. Even though us, as students of Ark Alexandra Acadamy are the ones being put through hell, our senior leaders keep making things worse. 

Every week we are told about new changes to our school system, and it's gotten to the point where we are too disrupted. How can we be expected to keep on top of our own lives, not break any of the strict rules and keep everyone happy when being a kid in secondary school is hard enough. It's like they don't care about us. They don't care about how we feel. They don't care about our voice. If they did, they would listen. 


The split in September is the last straw. All students, even well behaved, well mannered, high achieving members of Ark Alexandra are being tried and tested, day in day out, to act like robots to the school system. And to reward those students, you are changing their school- practically their entire life at this age- so often that no one can keep track. Students, staff and parents are all struggling to keep up. 

So to break up friendship groups, ruin relationships with teachers, disrupt routines, disrupt learning, is cruel. I have not heard a single student happy with this change. What about your current year 10s who have had to deal with coronavirus lockdowns, moving to the upper site and new head teachers already? The school is restless already and they will have to learn a new way of life during the year of their GCSE's. Do you understand?

Like Mr Birks-Agnew- 'Humans don't like change'

If that's the case Sir, then why are you making our school lives miserable?

Why are you constantly putting us in a situation we do not like?

Why won't you take a step back and listen?

You're clearly aware of it.

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