Stand with the Christians of Syria

We the undersigned, stand in prayer with Syria's Christians.

We recognise that if President Assad goes, the Syrian Christians, along with other minorities such as the Druze and the Alawites and other Shia Muslims, will be murdered or expelled by the jihadists. Like Iraq and Libya before, Syria would descend into chaos.

We agree with the BBC’s respected defence correspondent Robert Pigott who said on 11th April 2017 if Assad goes, ‘ISIS and Al-Nusra will be fighting it out on the streets of Damascus’.

We thank God for Russian and Iranian support for the Syrian Government. We thank God that Christians in Aleppo were able to celebrate Christmas in December 2016 for the first time in five years following the liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian army from the jihadists.

We recognise that there are those with financial and political interests in keeping Syria's civil war going.  But we say God's heart is for peace.

We remember the false US and UK intelligence reports of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  We ask and pray for an independent UN investigation of the recent alleged gas attack in Idlib in Syria and condemn US missile strikes on the sovereign state of Syria.

And we petition Her Majesty's Government and our Members of Parliament to cease all support for the jihadists and to allow peace talks between President Assad and the armed factions to progress to the end that the men of war lay down their arms.

We pray that as Syrians rebuild their land, in the peace thereof, Syria’s Christians will have peace once again to go about their lawful business and prosper to the glory of God.

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